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GLOWING In The Dark - Did The Feds INSTIGATE January 6?
Jun 17, 2021

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What Really Happened on January 6th?

  • 17:23
    Documents Reveal FBI Infiltrated Groups BEFORE January 6th and May Have Helped TO PLAN THE Storming of the Capitol
    21.57k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 01:51
    Feds STILL HUNTING Patriots
    5.27k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 05:32
    A little bit of help from your friendly neighborhood FED
    5.12k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 03:27
    Tucker Carlson AGAIN slams FBI over Jan. 6th and roasts Twitter for accidentally confirming his reporting
    45.36k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 04:13
    Ashli Babbitt's Husband Is SUING DC Police!
    20.80k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 11:24
    GLOWING In The Dark - Did The Feds INSTIGATE January 6?
    38.70k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 16:35
    Federal Entrapment? Darren Beattie and Tucker Carlson Blow the Lid Off Jan. 6th
    55.93k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 05:34
    FBI's New Domestic War on Terror and Operation Mockingbird
    1.80k views ▪ 2 years ago
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  • Of course the govt planned and instigated it. They are on a mission to destroy President Trump and his supporters who are a threat to their Nazi agenda.

  • Great video and observations. I do not doubt that the Feds were involved - it was a setup to discredit Trump planned out. Buses with the guys on it that instigated the violence, Donald's request for 10000, WH police told to go home, police opening the breech to the WH and waving people in.. Simply the deep states effort to make sure Trump was kept out. Of course VP Pence chastized Trump WHO said keep it peaceful and protest at the WH not raid it. This has been done many times in history without any entry even on the WH lawn. Duhhh! Trump had no desire for breeching the WH itself nor ANY violence. Recently Pence showed the RAT he really is saying he was proud to back Biden's presidency, still making Trump look like the bad guy while playing the fence on being proud of working with him. What really turned me was not his inactivity as VP but when proof of rampant voter fraud the clown claimed there was none and sided with empowering the Dems over TRUTH like other RINO rats. The Swamp includes RINO Repubs, most Democrats (i call Demoncats), the DOJ that dragged feet on real criminals and attacked Trump constantly - I call the INJUSTICE SYSTEM (due to a few rats at the top and in the ranks), the judges and Supreme Court not doing their job to insure JUSTICE. Of all the ISSUES the Supreme Court SHOULD TACKLE Constitutional Voting rights of citizens not being breeched should be at the TOP not ignored. THE SWAMP IS DEEP BUT GOD IS TICKED WITH FREE WILL OF AMERICANS BEING BREECHED AND IS ACTING.

  • Of course there were infiltrators and once the police removed barricades and let them in, others followed. Grand setup to to demonize half the country as terrorists and usher us into further division and loss of freedom.

  • We're still waiting for 911 facts. Its great reporting but what will happen?

  • Bingo. You bet the FBI was involved. All in the name of smearing Trump.

  • "maybe this was the government's plan all along" —i'm convinced. the feds, Big Tech, and the MSM lie about everything else. why would they not be lying about this? there isn't a single rational, informed person who believes anything that the Trusted News Initiative says. fuck the filthy feds.

  • The only way we can legally restore our Constitutional Republic is keep working to expose and document to the general public the evidence of voter fraud which altered the outcome of the 2020 election. The massive criminal corruption within the DOJ/FBI and the intelligence agencies makes it impossible to have justice within the federal government until the swamp is drained.

  • At the gun sales desk of a Rural King during December of 2020, I was confronted by a middle-aged white guy. He was talking crazy, and actually said "I think we should storm the white house". I was certain at the time he was some sort of undercover, so I blew him off. Low and behold, the capital got stormed less than a month later. I think some sort of undercover organization did organize the riot.

  • FBI: Fraternal Brotherhood of Incorrigibles

  • Finally someone is reporting the event right!!!

  • Gab is trying to be the garbage bin of the internet. Like business develop guys sit around asking, who is putting out the biggest steaming pile of shit on the internet, let's get some of that. Since when are pre-pubescent, suburban mama's boys the voice of conservatives? What a fucking joke. Anyone listening to this kid's garbage needs to check themselves. You're fucking getting your political guidance from a 19 year old whose only job is jabbering on the internet. This clown doesn't know shit.

  • The enemies of The United States of America and the whole world is: Bilderberg Group, CCP - IRAN - FED - FMI - SCOTUS - Obama and his puppets (Joe Crisis & Kamala), Bill Gates - DNC (Nancy Pelosi-Schumer) - RINOS - CDC (Dr. Fauci) - WHO - UN - BIG PHARMA - DOJ - CIA - FBI - IRS - Vatican - George Soros - BLM-Antifa terrorist organizations - Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Black Rock, MSM (AP, Reuter, Fox, WSJ, USA Today - CNN-MSNBC, NYT, Times, Washington Post, ABC-NBC-CBS, Bloomberg, Politico, The Guardian, Atlantic, Slate, Vox, Vice, BuzzFeed, YAHOO!, Snopes, Vanity Fair, NPR, PBS, The Huffington Post, Univision, Telemundo, BBC, Polifact, FactCheckOrganization, VARIETY, BIG TECH (AMAZON, Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Netflix) - ACADEMIA, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Parent Hood, LGBTQ, ESPN, NBA, NFL, MLB, Coke, Nike, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, and many, many, many more servants of Satan.

  • Problem is still msm not reporting truth. Too many still watch it and what they say is all LIES. We definitely need a different venue for news!! All of us patriots knew what was happening. We saw the videos, the clothes changing One, which proved without a doubt, that antifa was there. Where’s Ashli?? We need to turn this whole thing with msm, and we definitely need to pray for our fellow patriots in solitary confinement! How they can do this and get away with it is beyond me. These people are beyond evil.

  • Is there any way to block these Fuentes videos?? Not interested.

  • I knew all this months ago. It was obvious that several of the michigasn vanitia members were setup as part of a deep fake propoganda campaign. They found a couple mentally ill white males to use as patsies to make the story stick. AssHole Babbitt was part of the propaganda.

  • I believe it was Napoleon who once said “ You can not make war without the cannon “ Therefore you cannot have an insurrection without weapons! The only ones with weapons there according to the now know facts, were law enforcement. This was nothing more than the liberals ace in the hole in order to keep Trump from winning! Just saying.

  • Í have no lingering doubts that it was a set up! Many traitors to prosecute, including this fraudulent Administration.

  • How can this moron be allowed to speak such blatant and obvious lies that drump speaks? He has no fucking clue about reality! You talk delusions!

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