Government Surveillance is OUT OF CONTROL
Oct 13, 2021

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  • they fought for 30 years to get you here, the public sucked corporate and gov dick when anyone mentioned encryption and anonymity on the web, these people gleefully turned themselves into slaves, they love big brother

  • we know its the sheep..seen it some bloke was under suspicion of burglary because his phone ping in the area when that shit whent on,,he only found out when he got a tex off google..he was on his bike going to work ..Wake up ..

  • You can still minimize your exposure to this breach of privacy. Check out the internet privacy guy and others. Also the Constitution gives the states the power to amend the constitution (through a convention of states) to limit the federal system including satellite institutions. We should never forget that the states created the federal system and not the other way around. We can’t throw up our hands and give up! It’s unAmerican and not what people have died to preserve!

  • Or send your phone with someone else for a couple days. All kinds of little things help. Make bogus searches. Nothing is perfect, but little things can help.

  • Don;t take your phone with you when you go somewhere. Just stop it.

  • WTF? You just gonna give up, Nick?

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