May 12, 2022

America First

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  • Looking forward to a general purge. It's got to be done, I think.

  • Uh, if Trump wins he will have to do what should have been done his first time around. CLEAN HOUSE....FUCK drain the swamp, that takes too long. CLEAN HOUSE to regain the military and other institutions that are working against the PEOPLE.

  • Dangerous #CRT explodes in Lefts' face in #Buffalo as deranged 18yo #Murders at #Buffalo #TopsMarket (spews #WhiteReplacementTheory in response to #RACIST #CRT programming). Silent to BLACK BABY GENOCIDE at #PlannedParenthood & Deaths in #Milwaukee. more:

  • Violence is what we need from the right. We need a violent uprising that fills the streets with the blood of tyrants, globalists and degenerates. Without violence, our problems aren't going anywhere. There's no political solution to the situation we've caused for ourselves with our passivity.

  • This heartbreaking situation is already being repeated here in the U.K. but to a far greater extent in every County in my native Republic of Ireland now, enabled by our traitor demonic globalist Irish government - having extended family in Rural Ireland, I totally despair of and about this situation and I’m terrified for my family’s safety, having already lived 20 years in the U.K. - in all honesty and reality, I do not see any realistic hope that this will ever change unless there is divine intervention, as I’m heartbroken by what has happened to my home country in recent years alone - even the West and far south of Ireland like Counties Cork & Kerry are totally consumed by the insanity as native white Irish are being forced out of thier homeland and are being replaced at an alarming rate by these immigrants inclined towards violence against us Irish people

  • Leftist driven violence against whites in every western country globally, including by (especially) radicalised black immigrants born and living in the West, as well as those moved here and to a certain extent radical Muslims, will be a feature going forward - needless to say, the masterminds of this are globalists and elitist Jews, but it could have been prevented if whites had enough self-respect to resist it all in the decades before Covid - even radical Muslims were never really the problem, it was the blacks who became really savvy and are the foot soldiers of this destruction against whites, which whites allowed to happen

  • I heard Kyle has a lot of friends. ;0)

  • This Putintard supports leftist violence against white Ukrainians.

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  • Well good thing you're beefing up Nick.

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