Jun 04, 2021

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  • China in that it is The Communist country in the world, like all before it has the hand of the Jews behind it. It has shown plenty of hostile actions and intent towards the U.S. We are battling Communism in the Domestic and National fronts. From what we know about Jewish Eschatology, they will not stop. There is no ignoring them or "co-existence." It Will Be Them or US. A Psy-Op is a Weapon of War Let's not forget that.

  • Indeed nick!! I have been saying this too. :) good to see someone with a bigger audience getting wind of reality too :)

  • Nick is spot on. He is one of the few patriots who understands that China is not the problem and s=who the real crinals are. Every patriot should listen to him and support him.

  • They talk about this because 90% of the idiots are figuring out that it was a complete HOAX. Trump saying China will pay when we all know the jews ran this hoax.

  • Nick, don't be an idiot! The immediate casualties of this synthetic, recombinant 'Eugenic Bomb' - the Sick & Aged - are incidental to its purpose. The virus was engineered to specifically attack the ACE-2 receptor, which predominates in testicular tissue, leaving Male Infertility in its wake, including among the "Asymtomatic"; while the mRNA "vaccines" target the Syncytin-1 protein, found primarily in a woman's uterus (and essential for placental formation to facilitate pregnancy), causing Female Infertility. "Georgia Guidestones", man. Over the next three generations, Humanity will be winnowed down to 500,000,000 (Tenet 1), with reproduction limited to "approved" In-Vitro Fertilization procedures (Tenet 2). If you read carefully, you will see the rest of the "Great Reset" in there as well - literally carved in stone 40 years ago - from the recent Church Closings, to "Defund the Police" (in order to federalize them). The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda is REAL, and is being carried out by our Deep State and China's - in cahoots with the Rockefeller, Gates and Soros Foundations. The ACE-2 and Syncytin-1 precision targeting of the Virus and Vaccine are not an accident or coincidence. Quit believing wild-ass, unsupported "Coincidence Theories" and "Wake up and smell the Covfefe". Its all real. Its all happening. And so is the ETUFO problem. And its all ONE problem. Get used to the idea, Nick.

  • Diversion for the informed? Nah, look over there, then see it came from here — maybe?

    Where you’re citing diversion, I’d say it’s meant more for exposure and introduction — for the less informed.

    China PLA link is relevant

  • All you have to do is look at the coordination between the globalist government, banks, corporations and China in #Event201 and realize they were allowed to work on Biological weapons IN COMMUNIST CHINA.. with Communist China to realize IT'S ALL A SCAM!

  • Thank you! Summarized exactly what is happening in a very nice, short clip! Nothing but distractions and misdirection's!

  • The damn virus was shipped to China from the University of NC and Fort Dietrich, Md. A moratorium on "gain of function" research was invoked in 2015 and to get around it, the samples were sent to Wuhan along with $3 million to further the research. In 2017, Fauci gave a speech at Georgetown U and stated that before the end of Trump's first term he would be faced with a pandemic. How did he know that? He knew it because he knew the virus was being engineered for release in 2019 and 2020. Just in time for the election, etc.

  • I couldn’t agree more & have been saying this all along!

  • It would be nice to know if there was a Quid Pro Quo between the DEMs and the Red Chinese. The Quid was that the Reds would release the covid virus in China so that it would travel the world and infect the US--the actual target. Also the Reds would help install Dementia Joe as puppet president. TDS has warped the Leftist and Chinese minds. * The Quo was that when Red China invades Taiwan, the US won't try all that hard to defend it. * A conspiracy theory is like kicking a ball into a dark place, hoping it hits something and bounces back to you.

  • China did do this. Have you never heard of the CCP's "Three Warfares"? Yes, it is true, the left and our government and media and Hollywood all went literally insane. But much of it is a direct result of the success of the CCP's 30 year campaign of corruption and brainwashing.

  • Exactly. Perfectly stated. Sharing this far and wide.

  • I’ve been saying it since day one it’s about the vaccine not the virus. The lockdowns and mask mandates helped destroy the economy and steal the election. Dr Bill Gates is now on to the next with a nuclear plant?? And China in 2020 has made a vax for rabies...good fucking luck people.

  • Interesting your talking about profits. Remember the congressional insider trading scandal right at the start of the covid scam? I think they knew there was going to be a lockdown and they bought and sold stock accordingly. Only a few were named but I bet there were many more involved.

  • If the same amount of people died then the virus came from wherever it does every year.

  • Dang. I liked the lab leak theory because it owned the Fauci freaks.

    But Nick's right. In fact, it helps them. By making CV19 a scary lab rat, MSM might get more people to take the jab.

  • Nick gets it. The only smoking gun worth having in the Fauci emails is one where he says he knows the virus is not deadly but go ahead and lock down the whole planet and inject everyone with an experimental drug.

  • Nick is spot on the covid scamdemic and what to focus on. He is one of teh few patriots who dares speaking the truth.deserves the support of all patriots.

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