Dec 16, 2021

America First

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  • Nothing works when you have a bunch of people who have different values, philosophy, lifestyle preferences etc... living in the same place.

  • America was never meant to be a Democracy, but rather a Democratic Republic. The founding fathers spoke in no uncertain terms about what a wicked and wholly unstainable system pure democracies are, saying things like "Democracy is the Devil's own government," and that "There has never been a democracy that did not strangle itself in the cradle."

  • I agree with him, but having said that... They are NOT giving up the vote LOL BUT "Property Owners" should be the ONLY ones with a vote! They are the only ones with skin in the game!

  • America was never meant to be a Democracy, but a Republic. Dan Smoot #556 - A Republic, Not A Democracy (1966-Apr-18):

  • Translation: No one likes my stupid ideas, so I have to get daddy government to make them like them. Because I'm a thunder cuck.

  • Lol, we live in a Constitutional Republic. It's been working fine, but we the people don't read or study it thus allowing the government to get away with it's illegal actions.

  • Women are resource extractors. They treat government like a husband

  • I think that, now that women do have the vote, trying to get them to give it up is going to be fruitless. They will all vote against any such modification. It would be better to just limit the franchise without reference to sex. For example, people who pay more in taxes than they consume in government "benefits". Or ex-military, as in Heinlein's "Starship Troopers". Or some other way to separate responsible voters from irresponsible ones.

    Of course, taking a step back, voting is little more than a way for the ruling oligarchy to convince the peons that the peons make decisions about government. So maybe we shouldn't care who votes, since it's all going to collapse in a smoking ruin when the economy crashes?

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