Nick Fuentes On The Purpose Of Propaganda & Political Persecution - America First Foundation
Jul 16, 2021

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  • I do agree with this young man,,, smart kid,, this is the reason he’s canceled,, he is smart,,, government and its supporters don’t want smart young men, they want people who believes Math is racist

  • I am impressed, You are an inspiration!

  • We are told many lies. Who benefits. The state of the world today has neighbors turning in each other for violating an unlawful "order". That's what the NAZI's had the Jews do to each other, turn in each other.

  • Nick says the deep state , leftist Dimms, jews don't want a strong Christian leadership because it is synonymous with Hitler.
    Everything is Hitler to the left

  • Whn Nicjk had a live podcast, all sorts of leftist maggots, even govt plants, posted a bunch of racist crap to make him look bad

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