Subjects In The Nanny State
Jan 14, 2022

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  • People have misunderstood the story of Judas

    Judas did what he had to do--Jesus knew that

    Not my theory, theory of Theologians that claim the original gospel was not translated fully or correctly

    Jesus had angered the powers that be, Judas was sent before any more bloodshed ensued--Jesus' fate was known--everyone agrees on this; Jesus knew that he had to be turned in to stop any more violence--Jesus gave his life to his family, his apostles, he died for others as a sacrifice, he died for them & he died for all of us--powers that be needed to destroy all troublemakers especially those that may become a "king of the Jews"--Jesus foretold the time & hour of his being turned in by Judas because it was clear to Jesus and to Judas, one of his most beloved & trusted disciples that he MUST sacrifice himself--he announced it to his apostles--WITH #Judas present--its clear that the story of Judas seems very misinterpreted and/or mistranslated {which is their claim}, in so doing he founded Christianity & the Bible is the bestseller of all time, so it should be

  • It's pretty simple. They are NPC's. They are herd creatures. They lack the agency to make their own decisions. Psychology dominates logic every single time.

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