Apr 24, 2022

America First

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  • You just called out the people we got from off the border to work at AG. They're not randos and the Mexicans were afraid of them like they had herpes or something. The wokerati who run AG had to get rid of them after 3 weeks because they aren't refugees they're opportunistic entitled lower middle class suburbanites. Young, male, queer, brown, communist - the AI picked these guys. They all have FB accounts and they don't get their own paychecks - that's what got them canned. Their 'handlers' bring them in newish SUVs, they wear new 'K-Mart chic" clothes and give everyone the creeps. Now you're saying they have their own branch in the military? At work I joked that these guys were mercenaries and now your freakin me out! They're soldiers of some kind, they're very arrogant and standoffish.

  • Libs are butthurt losers who try to blame Whites' innate superiority as a deliberately planned offense against their innate inferiority, demanding punitive reparations for what nature created. But no matter how hard they try to deny reality and the laws of nature and physics, to equalize all differences their brains detect as "painfully unfair," these thought-killing "psycho-paths" attempts to change it through government money laws and force will never be able to make the races and sexes equal - however, since their motto is "There's No Money In Solutions," the attempts themselves will continue to enrich them, their families friends and associates at our direct expense for generations to come, while demoralizing the White race into extinction. So: Well done, libs! Your jealously irresponsible victim-blaming avoidance of reality will end up destroying us all, and you may yet achieve your end-goal of blissfully ignorant nonexistence! Whee!

  • Just wait until the Jews encourage all the unemployed Muslims join up so we can pay to train and arm them to kill us all off!

  • And the Jews, never forget them. It is ultimately them who started the whole “bring in millions of non-Whites, and teach them to hate Whites”. This should always be front and centre of it.

  • I'm ready for that day, BRING IT

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  • Damn them to hell. In time, they'll be put against the wall and shot, too. Fucking idiots.

  • This racism campaign is just another Democrat and Cabal distraction while the Democrat Criminals RAID and LUTE the US Economy now nearing an Economy Crash because of the inflation that the Democrats caused by massive printing of US dollars then handing that money to all the Cabal Banksters and Corps that bribed the Democrat Politicians. Racism is also a common Coup Tactic to divide and conquer. Using your tax dollars to move so many Mexicans, Muslims, and other zero skilled migrants into the US is causing conflicts in many States. This supports the Democrat Coup as all those migrants will vote Democrat and support the disarming and enslavement of US citizens. The Democrat plan is to take the money from white people and hand it to the massive illegal's that Democrats invited while downing our borders and immigration policies that had been in place for over 100 years.

    Never forget that the Cabal owns the Mainstream News Medias !!! Everything you hear is intended to brainwash you to support the Cabal Agenda to disarm, and control the racist white people. Did you not notice how the Democrats and the Cabal owned News brainwashed BLM and Antifa to believe that all cops were racist and had to be Defunded? And all these distractions prevented the feebleminded to seeing that the Democrats were RAIDING THE COFFERS...LUTING THE US GOVERNMENT FINANCES. Criminal Biden sent his son to China to sign solar contracts to steal American jobs.

    Hidden within all the recent Trillion Dollar bills that the Criminal Democrats passed was the plans to fund Governors to disarm American Citizens in many different ways. The most common was to outlaw many guns by attacking a gun part. And yes, as the Democrats flow down these hidden Tyrannical Laws, the police and military will have now choice as they need their career in this Democrat caused massive inflationary time. If a crash happens, the subservient Democrat Voters who are brainwashed to believe police should be defunded and that nobody should own a gun will be the first to die by guns held by the hungry economy crash riot gangs, who will turn off your water at the street, then simply burn your out and shoot you as you attempt to escape the smoke.

    The only way to prevent this, or a gov attack is to communicate and keep a well armed neighborhood watch. You will never hear the news media talking about neighbors supporting each others safety and Freedom this way. That should reinforce your understanding that the mainstream news is owned by those who want to brainwash you that police will be there during a major riot or Gov Tyranny. They will not. All you hear is stories about every single gun shooting and how cops should be defunded.

  • I've been saying this on gab for a while. Thanks for bringing your parallel conclusions to everyone's attention.

  • I served in the Navy for 20 years, 1994-2014, and I can say this with experience, do NOT operate under the assumption that large portions of the military will refuse orders to fire on Americans. Most will do what the are told, no matter what race they are. The social compulsion to do what everyone else is doing is too strong, and after the first few who refuse (there will be a small minority that refuse) are made very public examples of, the rest will fall in line. Look at how few in the military refused the clot shot. Less than 3%. That alone should tell you that most will go along.

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