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The Great Replacement Is An Irrefutable FACT
May 22, 2022

America First

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  • When you are getting close to the truth you become a conspiracy theorists.

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  • They will balkanize America and the division will be even worse than it is now. At that point if not before we'll have fallen from a super power to a second world nation. And the elites will be happy they destroyed the U.S. and have full control over us through their puppet politicians so they can destroy what's left of the constitution and usher in their global government. They'll tell you it's for the best and it's to save democracy but, what it really is is the end of individual freedom and prosperity as well as the end of the middle class. Everyone that went along with it will regret it with the exception of the elite and politicians who will all live lavish lifestyles in gated communities while everyone else is living in the equivalent of one big slum.

  • Whites could commit to saving their race but lack the willpower.

  • This is Nick on fire! As usual but never the less, he gets the job done!

  • Quite obvioujsly this guy is a fool and tool of satan. The Jewish People are God's chosen People. He has currently set them aside and is Saving and blessing others who profess Jesus as Lord and Saviour, to make the Jews jealous. But when God wraps things up, the Jewish people will be blessed again. All Nations will have to serve them as Jesus sits on The Throne of David in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is The Apple of God's Eye.

  • He meant to say "unprovable" fact.

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  • First, Nick, I want to say that I am as conservative as they come.

    Now: my wife is ethnically half-Jewish and she is as pale-skinned and red-headed as any Scot, as was her full-blooded ethnically- Jewish father before her. I am of German and Celtic protestant descent, and I'M darker than she is! So should the government perform DNA tests on every legal immigrant that wants to enter, "just to be certain" . . .?

    Think of all of the conservative voices that would not exist had their forbears never been allowed (or brought into) this nation: Col. Alan West, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Candace, Colin Powell, Owens, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker --- and those are just the ones whose skin color is black. If we add all of the conservative Jewish, Hispanic and other "nonwhite" ethnicities (by your definition), the list is practically endless.

    And, Nick . . . isn't "Fuentes" an Hispanic surname . . ?

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  • Even if an entity wants to gift GDP away, they still have to pay the workers that produce the GDP. GDP going to EIN requires payment to the labor force. The entity, whether its a business, school, non-profit, etc, can choose to gift away the production and not collect revenue, but they still have to pay the labor expense. Labor exploitation is human trafficking confirmed. Just let the country collapse, they are too stupid to be a real country and they shouldn't be allowed to exist with other competent countries in the world. USA will collapse in less than a decade and life will go on.

  • This is an attack on many fronts inflicted on us by the real enemy, the Satanic powers-that-be at the very top orchestrating it all.

    It is a Blitzkrieg attack on first world nations by driving entire populations through economic terrorism and actual terrorism (whether by manufactured terrorists, or straight up bombing the crap out of these people's native countries) by the powers-that-be, to soften up the first world countries in order to make them ripe for being divided and conquered. It is a tower of Babel tactic where the results of the Blitzkrieg attack are that there are so many confusing accents, languages and cultural differences between the mixed up peoples that they can no longer understand each other and end up hating each other, never mind cooperate with each other to know who the real enemy is and target them for hatred and retribution instead. Finally, it is a continuous assault of psychological warfare by the mainstream media with their relentless stream of propaganda, whereby if you do not happily cooperate with, never mind agree with what's going on, you're automatically labelled as a racist who deserves to be de-platformed, financial accounts frozen, made to be a non-person, and ultimately killed out of sight through the many ways in which death by bureaucracy can be inflicted on you by the powers-that-be.

    Meanwhile, while we're busy regarding one another as the enemy, and tearing each other apart, the Satanic powers-that-be continue to do whatever they want, having successfully used misdirection to effectively direct all the attention of the masses away from themselves and towards several manufactured "sides" amongst the masses in the conflict that the powers-that-be orchestrated, while laughing in all our collective faces with a big hearty Moa-ha-ha-ha.

    Still, there will be a reckoning when Jesus comes back and takes the power back. Jesus wins in the end!

  • I am a white Jewish female...who is conservative. Please don't say Jews aren't white. My Jewish family are all European Jews who happen to be white,. We're also conservative, 2nd Amendment supporting, American flag flying, Republican patriots.

  • The point is that a deliberate effort is being made to replace whites for racial reasons. Otherwise it would mean nothing

  • Wow. What is the point of talking about the color of people's skin? We are all people. That's it. All created equal, remember that? Our bodies are just vessels for the soul, which comes from the exact same light.

    But wait...

    Is that a literal Russian Z flag?? Wtf is wrong with you?? You support the rape and murder of innocent men, women, and children?

    This entire thing you have going on here.... it's not right.

  • Nick this is Fualty logic. NO ONE IS REPRODUCING!

  • you are dead right ..sames happening here in Australia..and the censorships off the fucking charts...

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