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The System HATES White People - Nick Fuentes
May 24, 2021

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  • WOKE UP, YO! "Cultural" Marxism explained:

    Just as all hypocrites always do, Marxists divide the world into two classes: Perpetual oppressors and Perpetual Victims.

    Originally, that was based on economics - but now, it's gone "deeper" into the so-called "cultural" causes of economics, which means further dividing people based on race and sex (aka "gender").

    And that means all straight White males, being generally larger stronger faster and smarter than most non-straight, non-White, non-males, must have literally gone out of their ways and stopped minding their own businesses to deliberately, intentionally, and purposely dream up new ways to sabotage and oppress the latter, which must be the only reason the latter fail at anything, but most definitely not simply because they are smaller weaker slower and dumber.


  • White people who are aware of what is happening better wake the hell up and get organized! Because like he said, we are quickly becoming a minority in our own countries! I feel like this is all going to end in a war.

  • I don’t feel guilty for being white. You can blame the democrat party for all of this. The black democrats are the worst. They don’t understand that the democrat party has been abusing them for nearly 200 yrs.

  • Always carry a loaded firearm.

  • Call it what it is WHITE GENOCIDE

  • So glad he had the guts to speak the TRUTH. This has been going on forever. Thank you!

  • Separate but equal. American lives matter individually. Be an American or leave. Like whomever you want to like and hate whomever you want to hate. Keep it calm, keep it clean and keep it in the family. Be an American. Live your life and take responsibility for your self and yours. The freedom is here. The opportunity is here. The knowledge is here. America is not a racist nation. Deal with it.

  • Who are the (((SYSTEM))) Nick??

  • White people are probably blamed for Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the garden. 🥴

  • In the Vietnam War we were taught that the Vietnamese were less than human so it would be easier to kill them. The same way for the other side with us. Wars do that to people. Sadly.

  • All the fancy words boil down to hatred of whites. There was also a black man who killed a little white boy who rode his bike on the black man’s yard. There was no memorial erected for him. But there is a memorial to George Floyd. 🤔

  • Try being critical of the Jews. Try publically denying the Holocaust; try saying "anti-Semitic" isn't a word white people even knew until recently.

  • So, there is a war on God, Republicans, America, conservatives, truth, justice and the American way. My question for the masses is what the hell is wrong with being a racist? The left tries to make it sound like it's tantamount to being a criminal. I see it as exercising my constitutional right to freedom of association. I don't mistreat other races, I just prefer to hang out with members of my own tribe.

  • It's not the system that hates white people, it's leftists seeking to destroy the country and their useful idiots like BLM, et al.

  • My white people better wake up and smell the hot black coffee!

  • Thank you for calling this out. People are too afraid to be called racist if they point out that the Emperor is butt-ass naked!

  • Frik um.

  • Hes got a point.

  • Based.

  • Remember, it's a total lack of self-awareness (if) you blame jews for shit that Christian white people do to themselves the same way blacks blame whitey for bad decisions that blacks make. The pattern of blame is obvious unless you willfully try to ignore it. Don't be that which you criticize.

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