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The System Hates White People - What's To Come
Jun 07, 2021

America First

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It is time to stop the dehumanization of White people in America

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  • Try and take one of my boys and see what fuckin' happens. You even make it to a court date. And it won't be quick and painless either. No one touches my children....ever. I am so sorry that Cash Gernon's parents are suffering.

  • He looks like he got some white in him! Must hate himself as well!

  • " i caress white broly always because is in my heart and sometiems in my pants "

  • I'm so far ahead of the curve. I systematically discovered this as a common wagie many years ago. At least I knew that a social engineering system was being constructed. All I had to do was determine exactly "who" was at the control levers and exactly "what" they were planning in more detail. A total control grid? Yes, but how would they fully implement it. There were too many different ways to go about it, but what really feeds it in every possible way it can go is this: willing participation. Once they get enough people brainwashed enough, they have to give them hurdles and hoops to go through to consolidate that control into an alloy with the will of the subject. That's what these subversive color revolutions have been about, and that includes anything to do with the leftyworld insanity platform. But the weakness of the conservative right and center is the "turn the other cheek" and "do not repay evil" nonsense, which was baked into their skulls for millenia by a cult of control centered in the Vatican and which radiates out still through the Crown Corporation and the CIA et al. This is not going to go away by any means.

  • The jews will continue the divide and conqure until whitey is dead and they can rule over the black races.

  • People hated simply because of the color of their skin with no regard to their character? Man, I wonder what that feels like.

  • Welcome to South Africa. Look up Willemien Potgieter.

  • It's the Jews, obviously

  • Racism is learned through life experience.

  • As a who spent time in black neighborhoods, I notice race and I see what's going on. Get away from suburbs and cities and go rural!

  • The system can only hate us until the vaccine kills them all off, then who will they have left ?

  • The system loves people that pay their bills.

  • The music is too loud!!!!

  • We've been made out to be the "enemy" while a group that only makes up only 13% of the country commits over half of it's crime and all because a bunch of dumbass bleedingheart white liberals think we all have to give a damn about blacks,browns,yellows and even reds

  • White people will always have the last laugh. Without white America, America will collapse. White people will eventually generally know without doubt that they are being genocided and that will lead to a separate America. One America will not be anti-White and it will thrive. The other will fail and consume itself.

  • Since 1980 my white hide has cost me. When I left the military I was denied employment in large companies such as PG&E because I was white and the GR office told me that was why they would not even consider my application. It's gotten worse by the day since then.

    Going to work, busting my ass and minding my own business is racist? This is a war the POCs are bringing on themselves. Leave us the hell alone, if you don't like us don't move in to our neighborhoods, If your ok with us your ok. But if you push for war let our track record stand. You will be gone.

    I will live in peace until you force me to do otherwise.

  • it’s the Tribe getting even for being kicked out of 108 countries. They own the Media, Banks and DHS. They dividing every fabric of society. When America collapse, their homeland will be safe.

  • The system wants people to fight against each other. But don't play their game!!! Race is just one more excuse to keep people distracted on stupid crap. These psychos are racists but they have been radicalized by people who couldn't care less about race, for power is the only thing they care for.

    But I agree with you. It is time to call racism against Whites just as bad as any other. I'm Latino and I've got in troubles with racists of all colors for defending that. Race obsession is a fucked up way to live.

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