Oct 31, 2021

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  • If Rachel Levine can be a trans-man, why can't Rachel Dolezal be a trans-Black? Answer: supporting the Trans-gender agenda is part of attacking and destroying traditonal White culture, with its perfectly natural division into two sexes and two sexes only. So that's great But supporting a Trans-racial agenda allows Whites to escape the eternal original sin of Whitness and try to enjoy the benefits of eternal victim Blackness. So that's a big NO!!!

    None of these movements are about what they appear to be about. They are ALL just one more nail in the coffin of the West, the hated culture and civilization of the White Male.

  • You left off the magic hormones... They are pixie dust that changes their gender... not. The part of that that gives me the willies is that women who want bigger tits are NOT prescribed those hormones, they are dangerous. But if you are a man who wants to grow tits, have some! The doctors who do those surgeries are some sick bastards.

  • Cross-dressers are either transvestites or they're doing it like actors in a play for some other end. Rapists dressing as girls to get into the girls' bathroom, thespians dressing as the opposite sex for the sake of scripted entertainment. Then you have the truly mentally ill who believe they're the opposite sex and they're no different than people who think they're Napoleon or a cat or a cow.

  • I just make the comparison to Young Earth Creationists. To say that the world was not created in six days is not a denial of the existence of Christians.

  • First and foremost I am not religious at all. I do NOT believe that a person can change their sex. A person is born either one sex or the other. Gender however, can be changed. Gender is the external appearence and identification of one of the TWO sexes. A man cannot become a woman and vice versa. Trans people choose to identify with a gender other than what "most" people within their same sex identify with. A man can identify as a woman. A woman can identify as a man. A man or woman could identify as a tree or a rock. Clearly when they "change" genders something caused them to want to change.

  • Good analysis, as usual. What makes contemporary transsexualism stand-out may be its usefulness both to bait naysayers (conservatives, Republicans, etc.) and smear them as small-minded, intolerant "haters." Your own "denial," is, of course "hate speech." Leftists then exploit the controversy in an attempt to win political support. It is important to note that Democrats, for instance, do not truly care about the plight of the very young or old who "buy-in" to their scam; nor do they care that media saturation can actually lead some to truly believe they are, in fact, a female "trapped inside a man's body." As for the use of powerful drugs and even crude "bottom" surgeries, the left does not care about the real impact on the human lives they exploit to win political power. Bottom-line: Through-out history we see Communist and Socialist founding documents that offer explicit protections to so-called marginalized clans; but the truth of the arrangement is seen in the fact these same regimes often selectively target marginalized groups -- homosexuals; intellectuals; Jews; mentally or physically incapacitated people, etc. -- for persecution and "purges" in order to frighten the masses into compliance and allegiance to a new Communist, or Socialist order.

  • There is NOTHING you can do that will change your race or gender. Period.

  • They are not normal people They are deviate that are homosexual. I really don't believe God is going to get it! As they stand before Him naked as they were born in judgment God is going to say Mike , I made you as a man child , what happened? And you will give answer.

  • These faggots are deranged sick deviants that should be banned from public spaces and/or institutionalized.

  • They want to pervert the system so that they can normalize homosexuals lying about their gender, lying to people whom they have sexual with, then when their victims discover their sexual partners lied to them, they will not be permitted to have a voice or any rights or claims.

  • A lie is never true no matter how much the liars lie.

  • It's name is richard the shim

  • I suggest we refer to them as gender impostors.

  • What a coincidence, I deny that YOU exist!

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