Trump Is Just The Beginning: Keep Pushing Right!
Jun 03, 2021

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  • Glad you are speaking this. We, the OLDER ones, need to be doing this, not keeping status quo. This is what is wrong in Southern Arizona. Sick of the McCain legacy. LET'S GET MOVING! We need to overhaul this thought of not moving, or staying the same, or the GOP is dead.

  • Nick is absolutely right. That being said, the audits are not to just correct the future election. They are correct the NOW. Crimes were committed, and those crimes must be prosecuted! The rightful administration MUST take its place in 2021!

  • Why not run for office Nick. Show us how it's done. There are many positions in local gov that require you to be 18yo or 21. You're 22 I believe. Let's see if all the things you preach win you an office. Otherwise it's empty couch quarterbacking. Trump talked about it and then got into the ring. Whether you like him or not, he's in the ring. You think you can do better. Okay, go for it. I'd even support you.

    These outrage videos, as much as I agree with some of your points, seem like the liberal videos where people are outraged about police brutality yet none of those hosts go sign up to be a cop and show us how it's done. They just lecture from the corner that they could do better and the police should be able to apprehend criminals with flowers and crumpets.

  • DeSantis is passing the baton.

  • This man is absolutely correct! WE need to do the same as the deep state has been doing and they followed the mo set out by the Rothschilds. PLAN LONG TERM, decades into the future. 100 years minimum and we need to start 4 years ago./ Trump showed up, WE need to control our own futures. Trump is a LEADER, WE are the ones who have to implement the changes we need.

  • How can you stretch 2 minutes worth of material into 10 and a half minutes? I listened at twice normal speed and still squirmed waiting for you to say more. No details, no how-to's. Maybe you think that bloviating increases comprehension. Well, in that case... Come on Nick, stop repeating the same thing in different ways, Hey, Mr. Fuentes, stop saying things over again, yikes Nick Fuentes, cease duplicating your statements using other words. Must I continue or did you get it? Don't abuse your popularity by wasting peoples attentiveness. Say Something!

  • I like Trump even with his faults. I think a leader like De Santis is a very timely choice. He is the real deal. Perhaps both of them on the same ticket.

  • Kevin McCarthy is a complete, democrat in republican disguise, a SNAKE. He is a Paul Ryan twin. He lives with another SNAKE in Washington D.C., Frank Luntz. We are in Ca. and do NOT support him with either votes or donations. However we have a fantastic representative in the House, Devin Nunes. We donate to his campaign and vote for him whenever he is up for re-election.

  • Nick Fuentes is just right, no pun intended.

  • Dump Trump - he was either soooo gullible or in collusion - how can we ever trust him? Lets warp speed leave him in the past!


  • Let's start getting gay married! xD

  • I couldn't agree with you more Nick, we also need to start pushing for state secession because elections aren't going to cut it. We need a complete separation from the left, Governor Desantis is the beginning of that but he needs A.F to take the next step.

  • I disagree. I think Trump surveyed what THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WANT in their country and delivered. Most of us don’t give a fuck about identity politics. We’re Americans and we want America to remain a free country and get back to her roots in freedom. The identity politics and extremism on both the right and the left is what is killing this country.

  • I certainly agree with your assessment about the left. They are continuously moving freight train even a battering ram in terms of their goals and agenda and Republicans just want to live their lives. But all that aside part of the of the problem is that there are people who would be considered more on the right although maybe don't fit in any category that know that all of this is coming to an end. For those of us that read the Bible and understand what time it is this is Way Beyond politics. And lest you think that I am a person who believes I'm going to be raptured away before the persecution and the time of trouble hits that's not the case. We're going to go through it. Or die trying. But the point isn't about trying to save this country, it's about trying to save souls. You know God is not in the Business of Being wrong...He is not a false prophet. These things are written and they are going to transpire. Now I think in terms of how severe it has to be, I think that repentance is very important followed by obedience and faithfulness. But all the nations are going to crumble because it is written. His kingdom will come because it is written. So now it becomes a matter of understanding what the true priority is. For me it's about protecting children and it's about getting the truth out there about what is really happening and the gospel. There will not be any saving of this nation by our own strength, we cannot save this nation or any Nation through politics and activism, this nation has not repented.

  • The Left is idealistic and fiery. The Right is too conciliatory and cool. The bad is full of passion. The good is complacent and just doesn't care. And happy to compromise with the bad guys.

  • Trump was and remains a powerful force. One source was The People. As the meme goes, "They're not after me, they're after you, I'm just in their way."

  • Watch Harry Vox on Dlive.

  • If we as Patriots do not fight back our Founding Fathers’ Family Traditions of father, mother and children; Christian values of respect for ourselves, our neighbors, our elders; having dignity and ethical values and having God, our creator in our schools and within our lives; having good, spiritually enlightening television programs and other good, factual news media, we will lose everything for our future generations! We must remove these Satanic, evil people who flaunt their Luciferian, Illuminati symbols during NFL halftime “so-called entertainment” and their indoctrinating “programming and subliminal mind messaging on our children via television, newspapers, music and their Illuminati controlled ‘Entertainment Industry.’ WE MUST BOYCOTT EVERY CORPORATION, EVERY CELEBRITY, & EVERY ORGANIZATION #BLM #ANTIFA #BILL-GATES, #SOROS #CNN #MSNBC #NYT #CBS and PLANNED PARENTHOOD, #LGBQT …. ENOUGH OF THEIR SATANIC ANTI AMERICAN BS

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