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TRUMP WON: We Have PROOF Of Voter Fraud And They’re Trying To COVER IT UP
Jun 12, 2021

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  • This is old news. This was all done in Winter 2020 during the hearings. Why are you just now covering it? The same veteran poll worker also got fired after she testified.

  • I guess these poll workers who aided in it need to take the money they made and get a good attorney and save the rest for bail

  • I love it because those who aided in it will be the ones served up as scapegoats for the rich ones who set it up in the first place and they are too stupid to know it and the way they always do it and morons keep falling for it every time

  • Democrats are like sick Kindergardeneners. And after they grow up, they are still like sick teenagers but criminal. Who ordered that Its hard to believe, they the did fraud all over the country did happen from single persons. There must be something like a network behind.

  • It won't end well for the DEM Traitors and the RINO's - 2022 will tell all - they won't be able to cheat this time.

  • Isn't odd that they locked up everyone else that was at the Capital except this guy Hmmmmm.

  • Democrats are brazen lying, cheating fu€|<ing traitors!

  • OK! And what're you gonna do about it? Go look for another story bitch about before the great men and women of law enforcement throw you in solitary confinement with the rest of the idiots.

  • Hey, the Dems said and continue to say that this was the most secure election ever... yea, secured by the Dems for a Dem windfall!

  • There is no way they will get away with this. Time to get the gallows ready. The democrats are scared to death and that is exactly what they are all going to get for TREASON.

  • President Trump was asked how people could be certain their mail-in ballots were counted. He said people who were not certain about their mail-in ballot should go vote in person also, to be sure their vote would count. If there is an issue with people doing this, blame the person who suggested it.

  • OBVIOUS… BUT THEY’ll get away with it . Why ? Because the DNC are part of the swamp… in my opinion !

  • lol hear say witness is circumstantial... you have to back it up with a pic that the person took or something.. or multiple people have to say the same thing but not exactly the same.. we all know EVERYONE IN THE GOV CHEATED... PERIOD... ALL STATES, ALL COUNTIES, ALL PARTIES... But the proof has always been kinda fishy, only a few things have been solid proof, however if you think the GOP AND TRUMP didnt cheat too, you are a fool.... also, this we have the proof and constantly saying it with out ever links to what proof you have makes you propaganda... same as all the other shills.. you just want clicks and money... :( Real leaders go AGAINST THE FLOW...

  • If you have proof, why haven't you already taken it to the authorities? Ranting about it on a social media site isn't going to change anything.

  • I actually was a 1st hand witness to some of this vote fraud -- standing in line to early vote in ga's run off elections I witnessed a poll worker ask a black women what she did with the mail in ballot she had requested -- the women must have gotten flustered by being called out and said -- I mailed it in -- the poll worker then informed the women that it was illegal to vote twice at which point the women stuttered out she had not mailed it in -- the poll worker then asked the women to sign an affidavit under penalty of law that she had not voted by mail -- the black women was still refusing to sign the affidavit by the time I was cleared to vote in-person -- this type of fraud will only be outed months after the elections and then the lieing fake news msm will not cover it -- in effect helping cover it all up

  • The whole world knows President Trump won. So that make both terms the demonds stole from President Trump. All tbe evil things they did to him in his first term. Evil i say.

  • There's overwhelming evidence of industrial scale voter fraud and election rigging. However, President Trump's righteous cause was betrayed by countless establishment Republicans and the countless federal judges his administration put nominated. None of them stood up for election integrity.

  • Please give us Trump back as the idiots in our White house now are destroying everything they touch.

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