Jan 21, 2022

America First

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  • BUT, they allowed it for Health Care workers... so it's NOT DEAD

  • Nick now looks like the unholy love-child of Ron Swanson and Peter Dinklage....

  • The minion judges need to catch on!

  • Not while any Mandates exist are they Dead. No Medical Intervention can be Mandated for ANYONE.

  • Ummm. You forgot healthcare workers.

    This Congressman is an ignorant blow hard. There is already federal law to protect healthcare workers. He is just trying to make himself look good when in fact he is all talk and no substance.

    Do you work in the healthcare profession? Does your employer receive ANY money from the Federal government for healthcare services? Then, this is for you:

  • The Supreme Court knew better, if THEY want to stay Safe, and keep their Rocking Chair Checks Coming... The Supreme Court almost became the $.99 Menu!!!

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  • Nick Fuentes is the Don Frye of politics.

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