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White People Are About To Be REPLACED In Canada
Jun 10, 2022

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  • demographics are nearly impossible for intelligent racial groups to reverse. once you let the illegals/refugees in, how do you suggest getting rid of them? genocide? ethnic cleansing? the intelligent racial groups whites and northeast asians don't have the stomach for it these days. and the most intelligent racial groups also have the lowest birth rates. add on top of that that 85 percent plus of immigrants to western countries are low iq people and the intelligent and civilized racial groups of the world are pretty much screwed.

    most people prefer to ignore what the liberal race traitors are doing. they don't want to confront the shocking reality that liberals are flooding our countries with third worlders because they're afraid that doing so would be racist... that's how afraid White people have become of being called racists these days. they'd rather become racial minorities in their own countries and get mugged, raped and murdered on the streets than fight back

    as a result, whites will become racial minorities in several "western" white countries this century. america will be the first to become "tanned". white babies are already racial minorities in america. and whites of all ages are estimated to become racial minorities in america in about 20 to 30 years. but that's also a bit misleading since it doesn't break down that these mud people are concentrating in our major cities. only pockets of rural america will remain white majority. virtually all of our major cities will become white minority. new york city for example already has. as have other iconic cities in white countries like london.

    liberals are trying to hide what they're doing and trying to keep white people complacent by classifying spics and a-rabs as "white". i'm sorry. but most puerto ricans, egyptians, mexicans, etc, are definitely not white...

    white people keep deluding themselves when they say a white uprising will eventually come. it won't. at least not any time soon. white people have been completely pussified by "liberalism". the depressing reality is that white people will just continue to do what they've been doing all throughout the world as they become racial minorities: flee...

    yep. the former master race who created the greatest empires in human history has been reduced to running away like a bunch of little bitches from one area to the next...

    i fully expect white flight to eventually come to white america on a national scale. i imagine that more and more white people will move to rural parts of america to escape brown poverty and violence. but as the rapidly changing demographics of america give the democrats total control over our national and state governments, and as more and more brown people get elected, we're going to see a huge rise in socialist policies that essentially view whites as little more than tax slaves. and as our nation becomes more and more like a corrupt and backwards 3rd world country, i imagine that a lot of white people will make the hard decision to finally flee from america altogether and choose the next most logical geographically close location to flee to: canada.

    but canada, too, is on the same self-destructive track that we are with their retarded "family reunification" non-white immigration policies and declining white birth rates. canada went from being about 89.2 percent white a couple decades ago to being about 72.9 percent white 2036, the agency predicts canada will likely be as brown as it is white.. several of their major cities - like toronto - are already White minority or will become so in the next couple decades. the same thing is happening all across western europe and in australia and new zealand as well. so, where are we whites going to escape to? is one generation after the next just going to keep running away like little pussies?

    for the foreseeable future, the depressing answer seems to be yes...political correctness is just cultural marxist crap designed to make white people guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction

  • I¨m amazed that Nick still tries after being absolutely disgraced saying: "Some of the best people in the movement are Jewish" and having a website controlled by a Jew.

  • I'm Canadian whites are already the minority in Canada we have been since 2006. Our stats are fudged a stats Canada employee was actually arrested for hate speech when he blew the whistle and said that his office was using data manipulation (only counting people born in Canada to account for race %) to make Canada look more white than it is on paper. Of course in person it's obvious to every Canadian that we're the minority in our own country. Our population is mixed race you'll see everyone from every race all over any city White neighborhoods are a minority most of my home city Calgary is brown or asian except for one small area that is mostly white with some blacks and asians. Somehow we don't have the predicted racial conflicts. Racism is pretty illegal so we are forced to get along however this is in a professional sense Canada has a very high mental illness and suicide rate. 90% of Gen Z in Canada has a severe mental health problem. Real friends don't exist here and all our communities are severely divided and not unified. Studies have been done confirming it is the mixed race element which has destroyed Canada's sense of unity. Also the number of white people isn't going down just the % it's very common in many parts of Canada for white families to have anywhere from 3-6 children our average is allegedly 3 but in Alberta most people you meet will have at least 5. They are bringing in so many foreigners and their extended families though so that their % is higher and higher making the country look less and less white. According to my dad they started bringing in the millions of foreigners when he was a boy in the 70s. His last year in Edmonton before he moved to Los Angeles his class was half indian in a just 3 years before all white area. That formerly nice area is now 90 something % indian and one of Edmonton's ghettos. When we visit Edmonton Dad never stops the car he just points out the window at all the places he use to love growing up in them.

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  • The Truckers should have taken guns and not flags. Not sure why so many are still asleep at what is going on it either country.

  • Canada is now a totalitarian state.

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  • Canada is lost. America still has a chance to win.

  • Fuck Canada and terdo

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