Who Won The Great Debate?
May 26, 2021

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Callers unanimously agree on a total groyper victory.

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  • Barnes did ok, but not great. I think Fuentes was the better debater here. InfoWars should do more of these debates. Alex Jones was a better moderator than Chris Wallace.

  • Now try to get that fat fuck Cointelpro agent Alex Jones to debate me for 20 min. , heck I'll even pay him $5000 just so I can ask him the tough questions all you faggots are too afraid to ask cause it would expose his lying ass for all to see. I'm game now get Alex to agree.

  • I think Mr Nicko won that debate… very disappointed in Mr Fatty (Barnes) Also Jones is a big time flip flopper

  • Islamofascism is not even a thing … it's just jews concatenating two things they have conditioned their evangelical slaves to response negatively to. Islam/muslims don't even have an industry or any kind of corporate sector that COULD even ally with the state … what state, they are all failed or jewish puppets … even if they wanted to. It's like how you call your flock of evangelical slaves to attention "islamofascism" … repeat "islamofascism" trice and the evangelical slaves will appear and sacrifice themselves to the anti-Christ jews.

  • Great results. This indicates an important awakening of patriots to the truth. Congratulations to Nick. Thanks Infowars for organizing such a great debate against the biolshevik censorship, and to Ga for posting these videos.

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