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Why Are FOX And BREITBART Writing Hitpieces On American Patriots Paul Gosar and Nick Fuentes?
Jul 06, 2021

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  • Andrew Breitbart was poisoned to death and so was his coroner Michael Cormier. Michael Cormier was a veteran coroner and he was poisoned to death with arsenic, which is an excruciating way to die. Michael Cormier's death was ruled a suicide despite it obviously not being a suicide. Read up on it.

  • I don't read Breitbart - been years since I looked at their stuff

  • Breitbart is a Jew tool.

  • Nick Blaze TV Attacked TruNews RickWiles when he told the truth about Ben shapiro's blaspheming Jesus Christ 2 pastors from some show on Blaze I had never heard of but they are big Lied & lied for ben so rick played a mash up of all the times Ben did it And It's founder Glenn Beck Lied about Israelis killing unarmed swedes who were doing a humanitarian aid mission for Palestine and they & even back then they filmed the whole trip they had no weapons nothing. Blaze is Evil & totally zionist

  • So what's wrong with Jewish Zionists supporting conservative causes?

  • Shocked that Fox is not anything but legacy media? Nick knew better already.

  • How's it feel, to have the shoe on the other foot, Fuentes? You think you can say anything you want with impunity? Think again ...

  • Breitbart banned me from commenting after one comment talking about jewish ownership of nearly all media. Apparently you aren't allowed to acknowledge that jews own over 95% of western media. Haven't read breitbart in a few year now, they are just gatekeepers.

  • Much better scenery in this video than usual! Something’s different 🤔😂

  • BREITBART banned me years ago, haven't read any of their stuff since. Hasn't been relative for years-true.

  • Great scott, Nick! I'm digging the Doc Brown circa 2015 shades.

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