Why Are So Many Republicans USELESS and UNTRUSTWORTHY?
May 13, 2021

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Nick Fuentes on the lack of meaningful results coming from the Republican party. Why do we vote for them?

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  • It's because they are not actually Republicans, they are traitors, they are false flag enemy sympathizer sleeper cell liberals. People need to get that in their heads … I know for a fact, personally, several Democrats that changed their party affiliation due to political changes and gerrymandering and because they knew that if they ran as a Republican, that the Republican voters would simply vote Republican. So now they are in Congress as sleeper cell saboteur turncoats ready to sabotage when ready. Think of McStain's vote re. Obamacare, Liz Cheney, essentially EVERY single "neo-con", which really means "new confidence trick artist" … new con-artist … liars.

  • Because they are all the same Corporate Owned Stooges that are really just useful idiots and will be eaten by the Bilderberg Group and their Lackies

  • The problem with Republicans, especially the average conservative is that they're not prepared to fight, and not having the spine to fight dirty and ruthlessly the way that people on the left do. We cant counter and overcome the fiery idiocy of the liberals that's been on full display since 2020 with our business as usual follow the rules, go by the laws and play fair. The stolen election is a very blatant sign that democrats and liberals are not trying to play fair. They're playing for keeps, their playing to win and their playing to dominate.

    Christians, Evangelicals, Republicans and conservatives need to get a fire in their bones and demonstrate some push back against the evil on the left in every possible way; including some stealth and underhanded ways because playing by the rules went out the door a long time ago. Democrats will cheat, steal, kill AND when it it's to their advantage they will use the rules against Republicans and conservatives. So the Right needs to get smart and wise real quick. The people on the left are snakes , but we need to be more cunning and shrewd snakes than them.

    But in general yes the "establishment" Republicans are trying to play nice and fair too much. In wise and more cunning ways current and new Republicans, new conservatives, new blood on our side needs to come out the gate with the fire in their bones and multiply that fire as they're blessed to progress forward in the political and legal spheres. The kinds of democrats and liberals today have a level of evil that requires fighting fire with fire.

  • Because their cowards.

  • The collision with these abuse is unavoidable! Concidering that this abuse includes your security cameras, your internet connection, your tablet/ smartphone/ pc! Your privacy or mine does not exist.. it is for the eye's "Dorks" to have opinion about! They have become a redicolus group of very dangerous people!

  • It is like the twitter/ fb admin can decide what is free speech on their platforms or not! It is either we publicalize yhese companies or we regulate them!

  • It is true! The sionic sensoring of the California's big tech.. it is called bulying and abuse of power! Is it democratic hell no! How you can do it... By all of erasing our profiles to them and joinging wordpress, telegraph, gap, purler... Platforms! Now that i mentioned parler... What happened to their certificate...!!! Hahaha...

  • The only time I would ever vote is if it's for state secession!

  • Too much talk..little action. The voting machines are rigged. It's NOT who VOTES......It's who COUNTS the VOTES

  • This has been talked about for decades, and it’s a good talk the problem lies with the voter. Most of the LOVE their own representative/senators. That’s why we get the same useless bums that don’t care about us being sent back every election cycle. I do take exception with what he said about Governor DeSantis here in Florida. As long as he bucks the system and provides for Florida, he has my vote!

  • Instead of not voting for republicans, don't donate until you see results and let them know you will donate when you see movement toward conservative values instead of away from them. No results, then no campaign contributions. It would be really a major mistake to just throw our hands up and hand the country to the democrats. They already have a huge number of lemmings following their policies into the abyss. Not voting for Republicans would only embolden the dems. It is very disturbing to me when giving up is the option provided. All republicans believe in being fair; in compromising, being respectful of others thoughts. That is a good thing if the other party or person is the same. They are not the same. They are lacking principles except when it come to narrative. Fair is a dirty word to them. Instead of respect others they demonize them and berate them and start false stories about them (marxist/socialist tactics). We just have to stop giving respect and compromise to those who DO NOT DESERVE IT. That has to be learned and if we do not learn it quickly, the downward spiral will continue. That is not a prediction, it is a promise of what is obviously going to come, just like getting on and staying on the death trains did not help the Jews during the Holocaust. We have to see that type of horror coming before we get on the train. Not voting is like getting on the train and hoping someone will learn how to save us.

  • To all concerned parties, be advised. . . . thinking that you will actually have a vote (as of now) is an illusion at best. I’m afraid Americans will have to behave a lot more exotic and imaginative in order to restore the republic. Carlos


  • It's the jews. Research it. They are controlling both sides and they won't ever allow us to have a true America first nationalist movement because they want Israel first, not USA first. Look it up how both sides sign pledges to Israel in both funding and loyalty.

  • What about the Convention of States? This seems to be the best alternative to the RINOs & ineffective GOP!

  • If we don't vote for Republicans,(RINOs) then who? Just let the Dems win? There is just 2 parties that matter. We don't have 3.5 years or even 18 months. The US is falling too quickly. It only took 2 years for Hong Kong to fall. We need change NOW!!

  • Why should I vote for self-serving republicans anymore? I ask myself that question every day.

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