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David Cole's Banned Speech to the Attendees of the 1994 IHR Conference
Apr 19, 2022

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"Banned” is maybe not the best word. The IHR decided not to use the speech because it was too loose and anecdotal to make a good printed essay for the journal. But also, more importantly, Mark Weber was still holding out hope that weaselly dirtbag Dr. Michael Shermer could be convinced to be publicly honest about his views regarding revisionism. Of course, Mark, like me, like everyone, learned the hazards of trusting that sweaty, shifty little lump of mediocrity. But in ’94, I was the only one sounding the alarm. And indeed, I was harsh in my speech, taking no prisoners. So Mark, always the very picture of discretion, decided to withhold publication or promotion of it. -- David Cole

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  • I've always hated Shermer and his smug fuckin face as he tried to 'debunk' people now I have a good story to undo him if I ever get confronted by that tool. Good presentation! I am not a revisionist but I appreciate the candor and would like to see these 38 points.

  • Oscar Wilde was right: "If you are going to tell the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they will kill you."

  • Michael Schirmer is the worst type of subversive piece of shit human.

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