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Harvest of Despair: The Forgotten Genocide of 1933
Jul 05, 2022

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Sorry for this film's poor quality, but it is a lost gem that tells the long forgotten tale of the Holodomor, the worst genocide the world has ever seen, with perhaps as many as 30 million Ukrainian peasants (or Kulaks) killed by the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union in the years leading-up the Second World War.

They were starved to death and forced into cannibalism on Stalin's order by his minion, (((Lazar Kagonovich))), in the years 1933-34. This is what happened to Eastern Europeans that resisted annexation by the USSR's "worker's paradise". There are no memorials built in foreign countries to the victims of this genocide, as there are for the victims of other well publicized genocides, such as is the case with "the holocaust". There are no Hollywood movies made to immortalize this peoples suffering or even the memory of their passing. There is just this one old and poor quality documentary.

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  • The cruelty 8s unimaginable. I'm glad the video included the testimony of the man who mentioned that they were selecting people that the Jews did not like to murder. People like to pretend that Bolsheviks we're merely Russian. But they were mostly, around 80%, Jews.

  • Is ther another version that isnt as on point? And from a channel without the white stuff? I want to be able to share it and remind people

  • Holey shot. So unregistered weapons for all anf hidden food and food production And education so people do not vecome commies

  • Corona pass is a bit like the 9assport stuff

  • Who bought the grain from soviet? I heard the mericans. Was it the same people that propped up the commies that bought the grain? Banker jews?

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