May 12, 2022

TalieVision: Television for a Whiter Future

Television for a Whiter future!

A collection of pro-White videos to educate and edify.




Miss Jacobsen gives a Google Talk about her book "The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top Secret Military Research Agency". She draws on inside sources, exclusive interviews, private documents, and declassified memos to paint a picture of DARPA from its Cold War inception in 1958 to the present.

Although marred by the bigotry and confusion inherent in the Jew-created "Mainstream" cultural context she speaks from, if you know how to "read between-the-lines, there are still many things of interest in this speech.

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  • Wow isn't DARPA trying to extenuate humanity, yea that's them.

  • She is quite the deceiving mouth piece. Running robots with legs on the ground are not the future of anything. There is nothing difficult or complex to understand related to stealth technology. Aliens in area 51 was simply the typical cover story for the feebleminded. Yes, lasers are now the technical savior for the failing star-wars system. And they are part of the system utilized to kill Putin's Hypersonic ICMB Technology, which bypasses the current US defenses.

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  • She introduced it, "This is Cheetah Robot", then parts start to fly off of it

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