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Suspect Identified in the Georgia Guidestones Bombing (Funny)
Jul 07, 2022

Oregon Pacifist 🌲

I am a father & a husband. Here is where you can observe my gaming shenanigans (besides Gab TV):...

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  • It was a Globalist Jew who was intent on getting rid of the smoking gun like they practically have with their plan the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion . They have been spending a hell of a lot of money over the last 125 years to minimize the Protocols as an antisemetic hoax . But the proof is in the pudding . They have been constantly and closely following them throughout the years . Anyone who looks the Protocols up and gets past the Fact Check or Snopes or what ever they are hiring to minimize them and actually reads them , even as a fiction will soon become enraged . Then you will start looking at who is a Jew and who isnt. You will see like a cancer that the Jews have taken over . And thats world wide .

  • My money is on the guy who put it up and is the same guy who paid to have it taken down. guy loves the world; hates humans; and made a pool of money off computer software in the 70s.. p.s. this is just a conspiracy.. I made this up. but like a lot of other conspiracies. they come true. Reality is stranger than fiction.

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