#628 The Mechanics Of Deception (9/11 & The Princess Bride)
Sep 10, 2021

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As the 20th anniversary of the false flag in lower Manhattan, Pennsylvania & The District Of Columbia approaches, this episode is being posted as a way to honor everyone who has died or been impacted from government, NGO & media lies. This is especially important to post as the current pandemic lie shares so many similar deception techniques. If you can learn how they did it before, you can pick apart how they are attempting to do it now. Original air date 9/11/2019

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  • Great stuff, Owen. I appreciate your perspectives, especially when you pull the tricks of the acting trade out as a lens through which to examine things.

  • Owen, I'm sure you hear this stuff a lot, so I'll be brief. Dr. Michael Heiser has a book called unseen realm. He details many of details found in the Bible about spiritual warfare and the other Elohim that are in rebellion against God. I'll sum up with this, there is a concept in 2nd temple Jewish theology called the two powers in heaven. Jesus and the Father are these two powers. Jesus' birthday is September 11, 3 BC. Their little magic trick contained most of the elements that you mentioned, but was also an afront to Jesus and the Father by declaring to the world the fall of the two powers in heaven (technically 3 since there were 3 towers and they intend to do away with the Holy Spirit as well). They did this on Jesus' birthday to insult him and declare what they intend to the world while hiding it.

  • Owen, fascinating stuff. I'm about a 1/3 of the way into the documentary. Check out the symbolism in this 1984 mtv song : The Power of Love, by Jennifer Rush.

  • I am really learning a lot from this, but am wondering with such a wonderful platform to tell others about Christ, which you have done, why would you turn around and take the Lord’s name in vain? Throw F bombs? Just curious how that fits in for you. You have wonderful insight, please consider removing the dishonor that you bring our Father and Savior when you use His name this way. I mean you no disrespect and thank you for the information

  • Excellent decode.

  • Owen, what’s the story with crowder? Trustworthy or no?

    I’m leaning on no, just my gut.

  • osama bin laden is actually CIA agent tim osman

  • so the overall theme is this:

    it's a big competition to outdo each other in their blood sacrifices to synagogue of satan. the more lives/blood sacrifices a competitor kills via each of their projects the higher they rise in the free mason degrees with the ultimate goal of 33rd degree.

    So bush senior did the jfk assassination, then bush jr did 911 and not to be outdone faucii is doing the mass genocide via covid and vax;s.

    there is no other reason for all this killing than their need to rise within the ranks of their depraved religion via sacrifice to satan.

  • Well said. Trust nothing. Question everything.

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