Mar 04, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



Voiced by Owen Benjamin

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  • Shadow puppets, controlled by Satan, in Plato's cave. I love being alone in woods.

  • It's Tony Fauci.

  • I cant believe it! I can not fuking believe what i just saw. This clown actually said something that was true.

  • Re: "If they could really force you, why haven't they done it yet?" BECAUSE WE STILL OUTNUMBER THEM. It's laughable to pretend totalitarians don't just use violence to force people to do what they want. "If I use force, I won't win!" BULLSHIT. Their idea of winning is to kill off 90% of humanity. Uninformed (lying) consent is not valid consent.

  • You mean "IF SATAN WAS REAL" and life was really some sort of sadistic endurance test? But it isn't. Nobody - not even your Jewish G*d, can defeat dharma (the process of pain-causing damage, the fear of it, greed for less and ultimately useless hope for no more of any of it ever again). Nor can it believably promise a dharma-free eternal heaven, because we need to be able to experience all of those, in order to be able to remain conscious of any of them. So there is no higher meaning or greater purpose in life - the only purpose of existence is to exist, of life to live, and of consciousness to predict and avoid as much dharma as possible, while realizing that one can never avoid all of it. And that's it, that's all - forever and ever, you dumb fuckers LOL!

  • Big bear crushing.

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