Building Beartaria (Trailer)
Sep 13, 2021

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...


Trailer for the upcoming release of the documentary Building Beartaria: Part One - Foundations.

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  • It's Patriots like you who really give me hope for the future...for my Family and ALL like minded Patriots who are willing to work hard and Truly stand for doing the right thing no matter the cost! I will continue to stand in my Faith for the very Freedoms our founding fathers set out for us All so long ago. I Trust God who gives me Strength, Courage and Humility as we look forward now to find a way for us All to come together despite all the controlled media constantly lying to all who are still getting their news and info from a TV. God gave us the ability to recognize truth and discernment which is so critical and Paramount as we are surrounded with so much Evil and Hate (or so they would have us believe)! He also Blessed us with an amazing immune system which has the benefits of fighting all the crazy things they are exposing us to on purpose to deceive us with a "Solution" to the very problem they intentionally created and seems that it's happening more often than we realize... It's Amazing what you will find when you start to actually look for your self when you begin to question Everything! I'm so grateful to have found so many Fellow Patriots because of GAB!!! God Wins! Praying for your safety and success with BEARTARIA Brother! Godspeed! WWG1WGA!

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