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Nukes Aren't Real
Sep 29, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



Like, not even a little bit.

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  • Scientific literacy is not real either. At least not here.

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  • Nukes aint be real but niggaz be real and we gon' hit yo cracka azzez like a nuke, honkeys

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  • Radiation is not what we have been told, one man in Japan lived through BOTH of the nuclear bombs there. Now idk what it actually is, but I dang well known t isn't what globies said it was. Jesus is right 'there is no truth in him.' Everything that U were taught is at the very least a half truth. Research everything U love, even those that don't know how can ask someone to help them find... The bell is about to ring, and it's not a wakeup call, it's the last gasp time. before it's too late. Jesus came so that no one should die. DEATH IS A DOORWAY, not the end, that is another of it's deception no matter what Ur soul is forever.

  • I’ve seen this years ago. This guy convinced a friend of mine radiation is no big deal. This guy died about 25 years ago….. with cancer. I cannot say OF cancer but he had it.

  • Nukes are not real for those with no scientific education. This is almost on par with flat Earth beliefs in my opinion. You don't even have to have scientific education, common sense will tell you that there are nuclear weapons with destructive powers unequaled by conventional weapons. I like Owen Benjamin, but don't take his opinions for granted.

  • They must not be real; I don't know anyone who has been killed by one!

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