May 11, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

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  • This is a sad little rant... raging at world, while no one is listening...

  • For those who didn't get my previous comments about the "Ego" being confused with a waffle brand, here is what I meant. The "Ego" doesn't exist! It's that simple. Satan deceived people with the concept of "Ego" to make them believe that their suffering didn't come from lack of obedience to God, yet came from a "concept" called the "Ego". And, that is true in 100% of the cases of people who believe in "Ego" as they all either don't believe in God at all or only give lip service without practical faith in avoiding sins, thus are suffering as a result of violating God's commands in the Bible (including not avoiding the sin of pride), not because of a fictional concept called the "Ego". That's the entire grable. People who are meek followers of Jesus Christ are completely outside that grable.

  • Thank you for mentioning the movie "Revolver". I just watched it for the first time and thought it was entertaining. Your assertions about the movie embodying Satan in its scenes were spot on! The cartoon scenes were immature and stupid. I wish they weren't in the movie. The ending should have also been violent as the lack of violence in it was weak and unrealistic. The worst part about the movie was not in the movie itself, yet the post ending credits. A bunch of witch doctor types of psychiatrists and new age cultists comment about the "Ego" (what is that? a brand of waffles?!!!) and how some people "created Satan as the form of ego", but of course they were full of bullshit because they were speaking in an unequal fashion positioning themselves as "authorities" that are superior to all of us tiny peasants with a "very big ego" behind their false authority by their own definition of what "ego" is, thus totally negating their entire "authority" and the legitimacy of everything they said. Of course, it takes someone free of Satan's influence through very intense discipline in following Jesus Christ to break from their spell and point it out. The irony is that them speaking at the end of the movie was them casting the "ego" spell on everyone while pretending to be the innocent friend who is warning us how the "ego" disguises itself as an innocent friend. In fact, hiding the existence of Satan with the idea of "ego" is yet another one of Satan's traps and tricks. Only fools who are way behind in their repentence of sins fall for that kind of grable. Thanks be to God, the meek followers of Jesus Christ are completely free of that kind of Satanic influence in Hollywood movies. Godspeed.

  • Then when a lot of people figured out the Spanish Inquisitors were actually being evil & banned them in Europe after they already got rid of most of the natural medicine people (the last few going into hiding) they changed the narrative again.

    The truth of the inquisitions was eventually also seen in N.America so the narrative slowly changed to dark art practitioners being an unbelievable myth. By then around the turn of the century they’d publish stories like blood drinking covens as vampires turning into bats, witches with green faces & warty noses, flying on brooms until they made people believe dark occult characters were ridiculous & couldn’t possibly be real as science was promoted & natural medicine was all just snake oil salesmen.

    Through 19th century they’d gradually be more & more open, influencing & testing public views through media until the evils of the black magic cult was viewed to be a ridiculous crazy Christian conspiracy ‘trying to hurt’ the innocents as the inquisitors actually did, while they added/focused on a narrative about modern cultists being the Christians instead (ie Jim Jones, David Koresh etc.).

    The very group of people who controlled the Spanish Inquisition changed the narrative & distanced themselves from that image, inverting the identity of evil ones, the false witch burning inquisitors. Eventually dark arts slowly came out of hiding being twisted as a right, to be able to practice openly, accepted as just another belief that was persecuted by crazy Christians. Hope that makes sense.

  • Like the question in Wizard of Oz, “are you a good witch or a bad witch?”. I think in the 15th century people recognized the satanic ‘powers that were’ (royalty/evil priests) in the past were the ones actually stealing children & spinning illusion spells in the public etc.

    So as the people were getting mutinous & handling it in small towns by getting rid of the evil ones & seeing the connections up to the top, the ‘powers’ turned it around, inverting the narrative to detract from themselves by convincing people evil witches were the natural medicine people (mostly women in that part of the world, it would’ve been a full time job appropriate for women who couldn’t have a family but they burned many men too).

    While at the same time changing the narrative to only their accepted gov regulated alchemical ‘science’ being good.

    They took control with the Spanish inquisitions then natural medicine practitioners & anyone else they wanted to get rid of were tortured & burned as ‘bad witches’ or their cohorts. Inversion spells of who’s good & bad like we still see them do today.

  • Yeah He fucked over Cumia HARD, Was going on Crowder all the time, Ant asked him what the story was he said nothing was going on, sent him an EMAIL on a Sunday (Day before the the show on Monday) that he was leaving for Crowder.

    He was Hilarious on Cumia, Crowder is a homosexual, screw Landau

  • And hes using a Snapchat filter. He does Impressions with it of You, Trump, Jesse Lee Peterson, Jordan Peterson, Johnny Depp, SteveO, Pete Davidson etc, its all off the cuff too

  • I watch Censoredtv every day and Ryans fucking BRILLIANT. Hes not mocking you BB, its a respectful Impression, he talks highly of you all the time

  • Ryan kind of looks like the Nickelback guy

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