May 20, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



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  • Stefan Molyneux Is an atheist, so nothing he says matters anyways since it comes from Satan. I’m not sure why you mention him or people like him. Of course, he and others like him are cowards who are full of fear since they don’t fear and love God alone. There is no surprise there!!! Smart people screen them out; they don’t listen to them or talk about them as they obviously have no substance (gravy) whatsoever. They’re just a bunch of fear automata with no souls since they lost them to Satan by rejecting God. Listening to their talk is like listening to boring predictable computer A.I. following algorithms not God. The sad part is they’re not aware of it since they don’t have a soul anymore, so they’re more akin to animals than humans, which ironically lines up with Darwin’s theories, but not because they’re true about humans in general, yet because those people failed God’s tests long time ago and became mindless slaves to Satan. Only other people like them might get drawn to them, but not God followers who are truly alive by still retaining their souls.

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  • I'd hate to say this, but wondering what Satan-ridden people think about is a very foolish thing to do since it is not them doing the thinking yet Satan is thinking through them. You lose half the battle by putting yourself in the shoes of Satan followers. Donald Trump is filthy rich and by Jesus Christ's saying, it is harder for him to enter Heaven than a camel going through the eye of a needle, so you cannot rely on him or anything he does or say until he gives up his wealth to the poor and abandons worldly life. George W Bush was afraid of Arabs and Muslims. Anyone who is afraid of anyone other than God doesn't believe in God in their deepest heart, let alone they are literally cowards for being afraid, not courageous respectable people. God calls us to fear and love God alone. As such, true Christians are not afraid of anyone other than God. So, Bush playing terrorist on the Americans by terrorizing them of muslims is basically proof that he followed Satan. If he truly followed God, he would have been a courageous man with no fear but God's alone, not a coward and a terrorist. It's quite ironic that he was both the source of terror and the one who waged a war against it. These are exactly the actions of a Satan trickster. So, to wonder what he thought when he dropped his joke about Iraq while talking about Ukraine is very dumb. Sorry, but I call it as it is even if it's my best friend saying the dumb shit that wastes people's time to listen to. As much as I don't like Muslims, I'm not afraid of them, and I don't even think of them much unless they cross my path or others mention them. I am 100% safe in God's love, so Muslims never worry me. They're weaker than me for being followers of Satan in my opinion (I am talking about the ones who live in the West, not the ones who try to follow Islam correctly in their countries, whom I don't judge or think of), so how could I be afraid of them? Only idiots and cowards fall for that sort of shit, and I tend to use that as a barometer for people's Christianity. Many Christians are fake Christians for not fearing and loving God alone. Thanks be to God, the Bible taught us to test the spirits in order to defend ourselves, and I am not different from other true Christians who test the spirits before trusting them.

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