May 24, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

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  • It’s perfectly OK to tell people they will go to hell if they intentionally don’t go to church despite being able to because that is the truth according to the Bible, but as long as you also tell them they won’t go to hell if despite their best effort, they could not attend church, like due to lockdowns, due to illnesses, or due to very difficult circumstances. In those cases, they are excused of going to church because our loving God wants what’s reasonable within his design of the world (don’t believe Christians Who claim God is love, but then claim that God wants perfection from people that is beyond how he created them… those people are misinterpreting God’s word). Jesus Christ was sent to the Jews to remind them that they were supposed to follow the law only to the best of their ability, but not to their detriment or for mechanical prideful reasons that don’t put God first. We gotta capitalize on those lessons by Jesus Christ, like when he had to heal on the Sabbath. In the same way, people didn’t have to go to church during the Covid lockdowns. These were exceptional circumstances that got in the way despite peoples’ best efforts to the contrary. God who is love is reasonable and only had Jesus Christ crucified to spare us the old Jewish ritual of animal blood offerings, not because he wanted us to be too perfect and Jesus Christ was the only way to make things so. That is a misinterpretation of the Bible. Jesus Christ saved us not through the crucifixion itself, yet through willing to obey God perfectly by sharing his message of repentance of sins and doing our best to avoid sins, but no more than our best, even accepting crucifixion, to give us a lesson on perfect obedience to God. Any Christian who claims Christianity without following Jesus’s example of perfect obedience is not only no different in disobedience than atheists and followers of Satan, but is sharing the lies of Satan and the antichrist, and knowingly upsets many good innocent people while attempting to excuse oneself with not having to be good or do good works due to claiming faith, let alone the fact that faith can only be demonstrated and strengthened through works, thus negating their lies completely in its definition.

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  • It doesn’t matter what you believe if God doesn’t approve of it. Ironically, clipping a goat is considered wrong whereas killing it to eat is considered right even if it is literally more brutal. It would have been many times better if you had kept the male goat unclipped and had slaughtered its children for food regularly. That’s clearly the better and more delicious choice. You chose wrong, and I believe you’re supposed to repent of your sin for mutilating a live animal without a good purpose for doing so that God approves of. The good news is repentance includes actually slaughtering the male goat and eating it to prevent it from living a tortured castrated life.

  • of course you are a democrat, you love government

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