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Owen Benjamin | #1491 The Truth Is Out & The Future For Jews
Sep 12, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



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  • You are a compassionate man. It looks like you were taught to think for yourself. Much I have seen is in line with your talk. Thank you. lol never bothered to watch that movie. Free communities have popped up in several areas. My goal is large chunk of land, invite several like minded people who think self-sufficiency and the way of life for these freedom loving ideals, and help/teach each other grow and SPREAD!

  • Never Masked Pureblooded Grandma here. Raised by elders born 1900 and up to be a Thinking alpha woman. Ignored the BS. It is good to see Real Men with honest hearts Unafraid of living the "American Dream". Watching the beginning of beartaria now. Good to see your Awakening! Big Bear Huggzzz to you all. AKA KodiakWoman

  • Hey Owen, I'm Jewish, and a proud white. Debate me. Or, are you scared you little punk-ass MF

  • It would seem that Owen Benjamin censors comments here at his channel. Is he afraid?

  • Jews are Whites.

  • Owen you still don't get it, I'm a jew and I'm telling you our communities have been infiltrated by fckng lizards and they are all from America and all Ashkenazi, they are killing us here in Israel is so fckng scary what's going on... but Israelis are building their own secret help communities, this shit is huge huge, stop talking about American jews as jews beside orthodox people, they are not jews and personally today I think they are not humans at all. please stop using antisemitism from crazy European Vatican sources to blame my people we are in very very bad shape and fighting for our lives. those CEOs are not humans and not jews.... believe it, it is sooo fckng scary, pray

  • According to a theory advanced by a materials scientist in Norway, a mixture of water from sprinkler systems and molten aluminum from melted aircraft hulls created explosions that led to the collapse of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001

  • I hear your dog in the background barking, but don't see him (her?). What breed?

  • I was just writing my blog on this topic and the timing of watching this is amazing. I needed to see this today. We are at war, you are cautioning people on the spirit in us on this battle. Not all Jews are willfully doing wrong against their fellow man. And the ones that are, need to be exposed. Keep up the good work. Ephesians 5:11-13.

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  • Remember it was the head Rab's who used the Roman Powers to Deceive their own and Crucify Jesus and there are those who continue it today and they have and still do today and they are the Money Changers which the heads are of Israeli Blood but most of the Jewish People are good Loving People and there is good and evil in every walk of life

  • Ever read the Hadith, Owen? I share similar afflictions to Mohammed, so I feel a deep kinship. I admire and respect them. So what's you're favorite abrogating verse? In the paroxyms of uh, resentment, mohammed said, "Even the stones will cry out, 'there is a jew behind me. come and kill him.'

    So you're so even handed, the Moslems are crushing. What do you think they'll crush next? What's your favorite hadith? Who was his favorite wife?

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  • I'm off to take some arsenic, because I believe I'll suffer no obvious harm from taking it. Thanks, Sam Harris!

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  • The Jews are in collusion with the Government. The agenda is for both the Jews and the Gov's to take our money and resources while taking power and enslaving the common people. This is why you rarely see a Jew stand up for the US Constitution and bill of Rights... PROOF:

    1. It is now known that Gov's planned and funded various Virology Facilities in France, USA, and Canada to create COVID.
    2. It is now known that the USA funded virology facilities on the border of Russia, in Ukraine. Which triggered the Ukraine War @@@
    3. This creation of COVID was not an accident and was not a perfect storm. COVID was release at the perfect time to down Trump and torture the US Patriots who voted for him, and they will continue to force the mRNA's, job firings, and lockdowns through 2024 in order to force more fraud mail in ballots in order to steal another Election in 2024.

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