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Owen Benjamin || Biblical Lessons Taught & Learned Homesteading
Jul 28, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



A lesson with my son, while milking goats.

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  • Did you show Jimmy Carter while talking about our greatest Presidents??

  • Presidents are cannibals (mostly) Sun and water are food. Veggies and spicy stuff (flavors) ..I do eggs and dairy. The By-Baal is retarded "angel of death". Peter was a rock..Paul was a murderer = the blood of the cross. All animals have free will. That's why we don't eat them.. they pee and dream without you. Just saying. Don't eat moving consciousness. You are funny bro..Me too. I won't be dying. Jesus never died. Bush was a mastermind. Devoted to darkness. Honor the burning Bush. Love above with Yeshua ben Joseph. Born on 9-11. Almost 2025 years I can prove it. I was Essene like Suddi. You were someone before this life. Unless you don't remember and don't believe in reincarnation..that, sir, is free will. Read books by Dolores Cannon. love and light /Billy

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  • incredible I was just contemplating this with my parrots tonight. Permission based training and my power over them as a protector. Yes parrots are selfish, but they are incredible with sentence language. "Do you wanna step up" denotes to them I am asking in a safe environment. "STEP UP!!" is a command that Ive trained means danger and to come to me immediately for their protection. Its not their choice, it has to happen quickly. My birds are fully flighted, so chasing is tempting, but not advised. We are shepherds to our flock. My flock , my family, my parrots need clear language. This later command is mandatory in case of a fire or other dire situation. Chasing will create a fear response in a flock of any prey species.
    But hey you know goats I know parrots. Kinda the same. Was very proud of Walter and his wrangling skills. Fine line we live working with prey species. No matter the species, they are under our care , as you stated.

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