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Owen Benjamin || Dave Chappelle's SNL Play-By-Play
Nov 16, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



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  • Comedy is always full of half truths. That's what's makes it funny. Full truths are boring diatribes to most ppl

  • They must have something on Chappel. a video or something. they say jump, he jumps.

  • Imagine thinking this is worth watching and not a creepy loser analyzing someone he's jealous of.

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  • Pretty much spot on Owen. And yeah when he called Ye 'unwell'....myself personally being on the receiving end of character assassination, that shit infuriates me to no end. No one deserves death threats because someone lied about them. So fuck Chappelle for doing that shit. He is loyal to no one except for the almighty dollar. Or...the jews.

  • Can we bring Chappelle over to the white people side I like him too and Kanye some, but he needs more educating from our supreme Jew exposer ADAM GREEN.

  • Lol--who the fuck are you to tell us what's funny and what's not? His jokes were true and FUNNY. Yous are like 8th grade lame. You're jealous as hell (and I knew you'd do a vid on Chapelle). Get your "perfect life" (which you hate) out of our faces. Take your cult and flat earth the fuck out of here.

  • This Video/Article with comments is Referenced Here: [ https://stevenwork.substack. com/p/multiverse-journal-index-number-1716] Archived: DropBox: [ https://www.dropbox. com/s/f1nhhmo3xacnr78/Multiverse%20Journal%20-%20Index%20Number%201716_%2C%20November%2017th%2C%202022%2C%20Thursday%20Morning.pdf] - [Facebook Suspension for 22 (more) days ] - Archived: - DropBox files: [ https://www.dropbox. com/scl/fo/qbam95ge6eq5yp0t8gdoj/h?dl=0&rlkey=g7uzaroe2ijpb753gwunfv5aw] - November 17th, 2022, Index Number 1716:

  • Yes, I agree with your comments, analysis of the alleged "Holocaust".

  • I don't go with the idea that the Jews, Kazars aren't really semites - only the Arabs and Phonecians are. They're related and the sad fact is that Arabs and Jews behave the same way in North America/Britain/USA - they start off as pawn shop owners, kaufman, convenience store merchants/kaufman. Their women are ugly so they chase after pretty Nordic Gentile White women. Look at the son of that Arab Merchant who owned Harrods who was stopping Princess Diana. All the ugly Arab sheiks want, White concubine, escorts, in one case the King of Jordan married a beautiful Nordic American gal Princess Noir (I think something like that) their children are good looking. But most of the time the bastard children from both Arabs, Jews and pretty White girls, the children look like that ugly skank daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. Sure we should try to be fair to the Palestinians but look what Arab Algerians did to French Algeria and what they are doing to the slum Arab places outside of French cities. The Algerian Arabs 98% ethnically cleansed 1 million plus White European Pied Noir. So we really can't make friends with the world's Arabs, Pakistani Muslims, Afghans etc. They are invading all remaining White countries, pimping our poor White girls same as the Jews do in the porn industry. Plus Whites kicked out the Jews in 1492 or forced them to convert to Catholic Christians under the Inquisition for taking the Arab Muslim Moor side against Whites, being Muslim tax collectors, selling white girlls as sexual slaves to Arab and other Muslim buyers.

  • I disagree. Dave Chapelle was spot on, brutality honest about the Jussie Smollet Racial hate crime hoax. This Chapelle SNL sketch was very good. I don't see it as selling out. He just hints that yeah, Jews do dominate the entertainment industries and it's probably a good idea not to piss of the Jews. I like the reference to the Italian Mafia - remember when J Edgar Hoover stated that there was no such thing as Italian American organized Mafia crime. It was because J Edgar Hoover was a fag and a cross dresser, the mafia was blackmailed J Edgar Hoover over this.

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