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Owen Benjamin Returns To CensoredTv! (No Pranks Either!) | Wrong Opinion w/ Josh Lekach
Sep 11, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



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  • Josh would eat Gavin's edible underwear if he thought he needed to stay on Censored Tv

  • Having watched Owen off and on for a few years, I feel like he has a very personal relationship with his audience and is loyal to his friends. Therefore, it is no surprise that he told his truth to his audience. His audience do more for him than Gavin ever did, and they care more about him than probably anyone, other than God, his family and close friends.

    Also, Owen has some very strong standards for himself and others. Those standards are very normal by my estimation: not doing gay things, loving God, being a man and self-sufficient, protecting children, families etc. Those are also standards which a lot of modern urbanites don't have. Those modern people have been conditioned by TV and the dog-eat-dog prison complex mentality of the public school system and mass media culture to be juvenile lost boy, Lord of the Flies types, thinking that all jokes are fair game. They think that lighting people's hair on fire while they sleep and trying to destroy each other for social clout and a chuckle is fair game. In most realities, it is not, however. I see this as the primary rub here them and those like Owen. It is only in depersonalized environments, like those where people are assigned numbers in cities with millions of people and no accountability to family, neighborhood, clan etc. can that be acceptable.

    I get annoyed when middleclass people repeat phrases like, "snitches get stitches", as if they are Italian mobsters, and cartel hitmen. There is always context, and the context in this situation is that Gavin has friends and followers rotting in Federal prison right now. Being a funny man does not mean you can get away with anything, without having any tact whatsoever, even if you are the founder of Vice. Jokes are great and being able to laugh in a terrible circumstance is a great quality sometimes, operative word being "sometimes." Being serious and accountable sometimes is also a great quality.

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