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Owen Benjamin || USS Liberty Truth Coming Out
Apr 02, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



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  • thanks for this. As a European, this is the first time I hear of this. I will look into it further

  • The guy that believes the earth is flat....? talks abut the Liberty? hahah total moron.

  • The first time I ever even heard about the USS Liberty was in 2015.

  • I'd already red-pilled my boomer left-wing parents on the U.S.S. Liberty with an Al Jazeera documentary from 2014. Then I showed my mom this clip.

  • USS Liberty taught me about controlled opposition as well. Years ago the Gateway Pundit banned me from their comment section for mentioning the facts of the USS Liberty. Even today the fact is Israel is an ally of none. Israel will not define their borders, they are interested in expanding. Without defined borders it's impossible to sign any mutual defense agreements. So every time the media mentions our greatest ally Israel, it's a lie. Israel is indisputably no one's ally.

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