Jun 11, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

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  • So much stupid in this video. Is this a flat earther video?

  • There's no need to as everything on the earth is spinning at the same speed, just as in a car if you throw something to someone in the front seat from the back you don't have to allow for the movement of the car.

  • Lucas isn’t a sniper, or even a long range shooter for that matter, also, snipers almost never shoot out to distances that would require them to adjust for the earths rotation (coriolis effect).

    But guys that do ELR (extreme long range) shooting, most certainly do adjust for the rotation of the earth, along with temperature, altitude, humidity, spin drift (caused by the spinning of the bullet) and even powder temperature.

  • Yeah, and I don't adjust for the speed of the airplane when I pour a drink, or toss something to someone, on a plane either. Understand?

  • You don't calculate for the rotation of the earth because it isn't moving. The earth is flat, NASA is a bunch of lying freemasons that use camera tricks, fish eye lenses, and chicanery to make people belief we went to the moon. It is all fake people. We are already living in the Matrix. Your entire education in public schools was a lie and a distortion of true history.

  • Can’t hardly set up a solution on a Kestrel without doing this, especially with a 2+ second flight time.

  • My ballistics app accounts for the earth's spin. All long range shooting requires it if you plan on hitting the target. Claims snipers do not account are only made by the ignorant.

  • the longest confirmed kill was by a canadian and he did have to calculate spin, according to reports. 3540m, crushing the second longest shot of a "mere" (lol) 2475m by a british guy, the cluster of the 2nd to 5th is all "fairly close" by comparison to the canadian who dropped an isis member from over a kilometer farther than the number 2 confirmed kill. totally wild.

  • The earth spins in perfect timing of the eyes flicker rate that makes our brain see "planets" as though we are not spinning at all. It's amazing.

  • That's one thing the otherwise excellent movie SHOOTER got wrong. There is no spin of God's #FLATearth!

  • For the retards in the comment. It has been a big claim by globe believers that snipers have to factor in the spin of the earth not flat earthers. The globe has the regarded unbelievable claims. Like water conforming to a ball. And gravity a weak force holding oceans down and cruise ships. Or a open atmosphere next to a near perfect vacume. All claims not proof unless you believe nasa a organization started with nazis with a name that mean deceive in Hebrew. If that's who you put your faith in then good luck

  • Wow. There sure is a lot of adverts building up on GAB comments.

  • LOL. There wouldn't be a need to.

  • having hunted and practiced shot up to 1200 to 1400 meters sure. with the world record of close to 2.6 miles at those distances i am NOT qualified to say. Hell, they actually have computers assisting the shooter in shots like that. shot of that nature require you spec all your munitions so as to minimize differences in head pressure in the chamber, along with bullet wgt and dimensions. the shooter will actually stop their heart from beating at the moment they pull the trigger. the Earth's rotation is so small in that fraction of a second, to be almost meaningless; but its value is never zero.

  • How duh is that? The distance isn't great enough . 🙄

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