Vox Day Hilariously Reacts To Scott Adams Gamma Spiral
Jan 13, 2022

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...


Scott Adams publicly requests prediction accuracy grading. Vox Day took him up on his offer. Scott didn't seem to agree with his grade. This video is Vox's hilarious reaction.

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  • Spongiform Encephalopathy is a side-effect of the jabs. Scott Adams now has Mad Cow Disease. He certainly sounds like it anyway.

  • Hey I'm a fan of Scott's work, but sh*t? Why is he doubling down on bad logic? JUST heard a video covering something that looks like this. Meaning MANY of those who f(cked up & were totally & completely FOOLED on a topic will THEN DEFEND THOSE WHO PERPETRATED THE LIE THEY ADOPTED rather than admit they were fooled. This concept was brought up SPECIFICALLY in regards to the VAXTARDS who will continue to get boosters unto DEATH rather than admit they were FOOLISH for buying into injecting a bioweapon. I'm not even supporting VoxDay on this as I don't even know WTF the spat is over, but ScottAdams needs to pull the f)king head out, publicly admit his foolishness, make peace with VoxDay's correct assessment, & get back to making awesome cartoons we all love. K Scott? FFS brother!

  • What a pathetic piece of shit, hope the vaxx takes that loser out!

  • Are Cerno and Poso still in reciprocal promotion with Adams? 😆

  • Scott’s shtik is a con.

  • Scott Adams has his head so far up his own ass that, in his mind, he can never be wrong. I had my 16 year-old homeschooled son watch that video and his assessment was, "Well, by his logic, he can never be proven wrong about any of his predictions because he can't see the future, and therefore all of his predictions are really just best guesses...right?" Pretty much, kiddo. And that is why we homeschool.

  • LOL. I guess I must be living in the future then. Because I had enough information to tell me the quackccine was a bad idea almost before it's release. Experts were sounding the alarms from the very beginning. A lot of the shit coming out now is stuff I knew of nearly a year ago through the simple mechanic of paying attention and not automatically buying the narrative. No need to wait for the future when the info is right where you can find it if you only look. What a pathetic display by Dildobert, Clot Adams.

  • People who blink a lot tend to be crazy, demons.

  • Scott Adams is a very evil person - in case any of you didn't gather that from this video.

  • How can we possibly have a democracy anymore? People can't figure anything out.

  • "I have no information from the past, present, or future. BUT, I'm going to make this decision anyway." - Scott Adams.

    That is doing it wrong when it comes to making decisions. And, we have information and data from the present day that lets us know the shot isn't safe, it isn't effective, and per the BBC today, is killing people.

    And, Vox Day has a degree in Economics. A 4-year degree.

    He happens to also be an artist.

  • "Vox is an artist and should be dismissed for this reason" - guy whose fortune came from drawing comics

  • When Scott started in on economics…too funny!

  • Scott took the vaccine because he is Godless and likely an atheist. What choice did he have? Almost all atheists took the vaccine. They believe that not believing mainstream medicine is intellectually inferior. And also atheists don't believe in evil (because of the Godlessness) so he must believe that Fauci and Gates are well intentioned. Sounds hilarious to us I know.

  • Scott Adams does not know how to make a decision. He should listen o Alan Watts.

    AND OMFG HE JUST SAID "AN ARTIST WOULD BE LIKE I'M TOTALLY RIGHT" did he forget He became famous as an Artist?

  • Scott doesn't realize "Protection from the Worst Ailments" Means PROTECTION FROM JEWS WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU!

    All Questions are YES / NO. WTHF. Binary Exists. Not Right Now = No

  • the funny thing is - Scott will only know it was a bad decision for 3 minutes, while his brain suffocates during heart failure / myocarditis etc...

  • lol - just the smirk alone - huge 'spekt for VD! Go VD! winnin pimpin n runin sheeeet

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