May 20, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...

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  • I got off of Patreon a long time ago. That pasty singer song writer faggot who ran it made me sick. There is still SS, subscribestar.

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  • Jasmine Cherry has videos exposing flower child Isabel Paige as a grifter. Among other sins, she charges Patreons $20 a month for various special benefits, of which she never provided any. The generous patrons, after giving her the benefit of the doubt for months, finally complained. She banned them. Then they complained to Patreon and Patreon told them that they don't get involved in that kind of thing. If they catch you being patriotic, you're money is seized but if you're ripping off their base, no problem at all.

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  • They can still be sued for violating the constitution regardless of their terms of use. Enough people need to keep the pressure on that front to put all evil websites out of business. Being private doesn’t mean committing crimes against people’s basic free speech rights. I am sure all such websites will go out of business eventually including the biggest ones unless they change and shape up by respecting everyone’s free speech rights and avoiding double standards in allowing some abominable people to express themselves freely while blocking others. That’s discrimination and it is punished by law.

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  • Chris Langan is the smartest man alive. Chris Langan uses Patreon. Only a moron would use Patreon.

    Gotta love Vox Day. Brilliant man.

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