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The link between LGBTQ and pedophilia
Sep 30, 2022

Pastor Kade Young

Jesus ain't woke; neither am I. β€’ Husband. Dad of five. Pastor @churchnolimits. Author of Jesus...



Although they try to dismiss it, the link between LGBTQ and pedophilia is unmistakable.

In this video, I give you proof and explain what we need to do next.

The Massive Statistical Link Between Homosexuality And Paedophilia πŸ‘‰

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  • Most gays were molested as children, some though were initiated into sex "play" in childhood by other children / peers who themselves were molested by an adult and left sexualized. The later are the ones who claim, "but I wasn't molested, so that is not true". They think, or want to think (to preserve their sanity vs having to deal with their victimization) that they were willing participants as children and want to think that their "play" was a natural occurrence. Whether they were molested by an adult or initiated by a peer child molestation victim, a child's mind can't comprehend all that sex is, all the consequences of it and their minds right away imprint these new powerful erogenous feelings and with whom (same sex), it becomes like a powerful drug high that overcomes their immature minds that they chase like an addict, thus the reason for the average homosexual's "body count" being so dangerously high and why STD's are rampant in the gay community. The Vampire Syndrome is the drive in them to act out on children what was done to them as a child, it is an evil seed that was planted in them, this sexualized power trip is due to their own stolen power as a child which drives them to act out on a child. This stuff really messes them up mentally, it often stunts their maturity in ways that still have them thinking like the molested child with connections to children as sexual peers, sexually, call it an "attraction" or what ever but it makes them dangerous to be around children. Even if they haven't molested kids (yet maybe) most of them are wrestling with the memories, thoughts and urges.

  • Jesus ain't woke. Love the title.

  • Do you also "investigate" the link between republicans too? And let's not forget the well established history of child sexual abuse within the church.

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