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May 08, 2022

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Dinesh D'Souzas', 2000 Mules the Movie

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  • Thanks very much for posting this great documentary!

  • Why can I not get more than 17 minutes of 2000 Mules?

  • There are mental health facilities that tell their clients who to vote for. These clients are on the lower end of cognitive functioning. But, enough to do what they're told to do. I've seen this happen.

  • Republicans need to read Article 2 of the US Constitution. People don't elect the President in the United States because we are a Constitutional Republic. The Electoral College elects the President. We are not a direct democracy. Meaning mules cannot affect the outcome of the Presidential election, mules can only affect the outcome of the other elections.

    10th Amendment State Rights don't get to override Article 2 of the Constitution, meaning State Law cannot bind electors to the popular vote. Electors get to vote, seal and deliver their choice without outside influence. People pick their State Legislators, States Legislators have the power to pick electors, and electors ultimately have the power to elect the President.

    The electoral college most likely could not vote for Trump ever again after what he did to all of us. Warp speed experimental vaccines despite alternate cures negating emergency use. While shaking the hands of WW2 veterans who fought against Nazi Medical Experimentation. Campaigning on draining the swamp but allowing Biden to steal the democrat primaries and cheat the real democrat nominee. Campaigning on restoring power to the people, but under Trump administration United States was put on lockdown with legal businesses and religious institutions shut down. Freedom of Assembly and basic constitutional rights were taken away from citizens and Trump did nothing to defend us even though he swore his oath and was in power at the time. There is no way the Electoral College would vote to put the country through four more years of that. Hopefully they never vote for Biden again either because he is almost as bad.

    Biden is much worse for some, but many were actually suffering worse under Trump.

    Also, Trump said America First, but never helped negotiate peace among US rioters, instead he left us to go negotiate peace for the Koreas and peace for Israel with the Abrahman accords. He can go run for President over there. And Trump foreign policy continued to pillage resources from innocent sovereign countries, specifically Syria, while Trump also used our State of the Union Address to try and appoint a new President of Venezuela, which is also a sovereign country, not a State or Territory belonging to us. Electoral college would never be able to vote for Trump again.

    And the wall ended up being a slotted fence that Mexico didn't pay for. For comparison, China built a superior Great Wall thousands of years earlier with less technology, machines, and manpower available. Maybe the wall should be a real wall you can stand on. It could have solar panels to generate more power than the Hoover Dam. Maybe it could also have a lazy river with purified water as a moat for people to swim in. Desalination plants could keep the moat filled despite evaporation. Saudia Arabia runs 900 thousand gallons of desalination a day in one facility, while we take Warp Speed experimental shots with Trump waiting for them to revalue their Iraqi Dinar currency fix-and-flip scam.

  • The 2020 American coup Massive voting fraud proved Biden is a White House squatter. All his decisions are void. The real president is Donald Trump. The same goes for illegitimate congressmen and other elected officials.

  • Dinesh needs to get a copy of Lincoln Was A Liberal by Lochlainn Seabrook. He could help his credibility a lot with a little accurate knowledge of American history.

  • Thank you for watching this. It is incredibly important that we take back the Presidency in 2024!

  • We must FIGHT to DECERTIFY 2020.

    Nothing else matters. There is no 2024 election is 2020 Robber Election is not decertified.

  • When I was 16 years old and I'm 53 now by the way.. As a Democrat I And 4 other kids where paid To harvest names in a graveyard for Mary Lou Mcnulty. She was a mail woman and she worked for the Democratic Party. I would get a $100 A-day for 500 names. And we got that for 10 days.

  • Democrats are the biggest evil empire, and they should all burn in hell for what they have created.

  • Nobody in the government really cares. If they did, this would be the only thing we would be talking about. Instead we have Ukraine, Johnny Deep poop stories, and SCOTUS abortion leaks. The real stories of the graft and corruption in Washington, the open southern border, the collapse of the economy, and the heinous crimes committed by the elites on children are shoved into the corner. This country is totally fucked.

  • How can this not be proof? What are we going to do about it?

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