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Removing The God Gene - Bill Gates Briefing CIA 2005
Jan 23, 2021

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  • "FunVax", Behavioral vaccinations. Why didnt I think of that? Whether its GATES or not, interesting.

  • This is a huge wake up call for the World !!!

  • this makes me sick to my stomach , thank you for the video. We need to know the truth of how evil people are in this world. That sure was a wake up call !!!

  • Yes, been debunked. Not Bill Gates. Not sure an injection can permanently turn off a gene? And pretty sure turning off a single gene wouldn't do much, and certainly wouldn't stop any particular behavior.

  • -- CORRECTION - PLEASE NOTE -- It has been brought to my attention that the validity of the video is in question but that the content in part is valid ie genes can be turned off but they can also be turned back on again. The genes can not be permanently removed. With that in mind I will leave the video up as some of the points in it hold true. Apologies for any misunderstandings caused by this.

  • Doesn't quite look like him, hoax?

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