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Gays Can Be Conservatives: You Will NOT Prove Me Wrong
Mar 14, 2021

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Gays can be conservative no matter what they tell you.

Who are they?

Quite literally the left and the right.

End of the day folks, I'm a conservative just as much as you can be.

I'm a Republican.

I am a Conservative.

You can be a Conservative too.

You can help Conserve America.

We all need to get together and #GoRight!

You can gripe all day long about this subject, but I can be a conservative.

Proper use of “identity politics” is embracing people like me.

Get used to it.

This is how we win the culture war.

This is how we win America.

This is how we keep America Great!

Embracing Diversity and Diversity in Politics.

Gays Can Be Conservatives: You Will NOT Prove Me Wrong

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  • Being "diverse" is practically the opposite of being conservative. Being conservative means upholding traditional (Godly) values, and playing with the hairy butt holes of other men is most certainly not a traditional value, anymore than same-sex 'marriage' is. You cannot divorce away the Christian codes that conservatism is based upon without perverting conservatism into something that is hardly conservative. Even when homosexuals are politically well-intentioned (which is quite rare actually), the complexities of their mental illnesses make them virtually impossible to reason with. This video is actually a great example of that, in that supposedly no debate can be allowed. Only someone who already knows that he is wrong tries that. Conservatives should not enable that destructive behavior by welcoming homosexuals openly. Instead, conservatives should do the right thing, and try to get them some help with their problem. Like the true conservatives of today (not many left) and virtually all conservatives from the past, I have no pity or regard for any queer who is open about it to the degree that it is observed by children. People like that (most of the queers of today) don't deserve to live, and public displays should get them placed in prison in the least. Your whole gay and proud thing proves that you are most definitely not one of the good guys. It would be politically expedient for me to simply agree with you, as most of the 'conservatives' of today do, but I refuse to give into that cowardice, that lie, or to be seduced by the dark side. Get yourself fixed, get yourself right with God, and then maybe we can talk about you being a conservative. Until then, you are just a diseased cell in the body of society.

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