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Mar 16, 2022

Pete Santilli

Info-Smuggler....I'm also a radio talk show host. I like macaroni, salami (I'm Italian, for...



The Pete Santilli Show Ep. 2861

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  • MacGregor's the ONLY guy to listen to regarding this US/NWO aggression. All other voices are either white noise or propaganda.

  • Afghanistan is an example of why the general is wrong. Putin is a humanitarian? So, when Russian soldiers kill Ukrainian citizens standing in a bread line they really didn't mean to do it? I wonder how that Russian model who criticized Putin for invading Ukraine ended up dead and stuffed in a suitcase? Or how various critics of Putin ended up with radiation poisoning. Or how all the journalists who criticized Putin in the past ended up dead or in jail? Could it be the Putin is not the humanitarian many claim he is?

  • I've been absolutely convinced of what Col MacGregor has said. Fake news never sleeps in the west.

  • Apparently, Chechen Special Ops units are in Mariupol. Wolverines hunting down rats?

    My concern with the MSM media "Putin is losing" narrative is that it also comes with "he's getting desperate" and "he'd better not use chemical weapons" messaging on the side. Foreshadowing a false flag?

  • Its astounding to hear someone's bias. Ya, Putin doesn't want total control of Ukraine, he hasn't changed Russian laws to stay in power like a literal communist dictator. he hasn't had any real political opposition murdered, so he can AGAIN stay in power. He was just worried about "nazis" ruling the country, it's not like Russians have been oppressing Ukrainians for 100s of years, it's not like the Azov battalion are the relatives of the thousands(go further back millions) of those killed/starved by communist Russians in decades prior. And 2022, Ukraine should not be able to act as a sovereign nation. Even the Russian people, who logically will say anything to avoid being persecuted/killed by their own Gov, yet here the General is, citing polls like it is somehow legit?

  • This is terrific insight. All mainstream media is poison, especially FauxNews.

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