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Want to stop paying income taxes with top-notch help? How can you afford the help you want?
Jul 31, 2021

Freedom Law School

Freedom Law School has been claiming that 99% of Americans have no lawful, constitutional, or...



You want to LIVE FREE NOW of IRS deception, slavery and robbery and stop filing and paying income taxes, right? But you are living month-to-month, barely scraping by, you say? You may want to have the Royal Freedom Package to support and defend you, your rights, and your property, but cannot afford this top-notch protection.

This week’s Freedom Hour presentation will show you how to stop filing and paying income taxes and still be able to afford top-notch protection. As always, if you are not yet a Royal or Simple Freedom Package student with unlimited consultation time, you can take advantage of the free opportunity after the presentation to ask Peymon an income tax related question, without having to pay the usual $600 per hour fee (reduced to $300 for your first hour). To help Peymon understand your income tax issue, you may attach up to 10 pages in a message to us before the Freedom Hour by clicking here.

Freedom Law School’s “Royal Freedom Package” first-year AND yearly renewal fees are increasing on August 1st, so if you are close to signing up, or want to pay your renewal fees early at the current fee, please call us at 813-444-4800 as soon as possible.

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