Biblical Miracles and the Limitations of Atheists
Nov 09, 2021

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People are limited. And because we are limited, the perspective, experience, and knowledge of atheists are insufficient to know that God does not exist or that He could not perform the miracles of Scripture. To deny the possibility of the biblical miracles one would need to know that God does not exist, requiring complete knowledge of everything in the universe and beyond. Indeed, one would need God’s omniscience to know that God does not exist. Therefore, atheists cannot know that God does not exist and they cannot possibly know that the biblical miracles are impossible. God can do anything. Thus, atheists presume to know what they cannot possibly know, a leap of irrational, blind faith. And they should know better. With the exception of moral evil, Scripture says that all created things so display God's existence, genius, power, and goodness that unbelief is without excuse.

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