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#235 - China's Invasion Plan For The USA - All Intelligence Agencies & Leaders Listen Up
Dec 29, 2022

The Winners Broadcast

Join me for this new adventure in video broadcasting! I have been podcasting through audio for...



Today I am revealing what is really going on. The issue isn't what people think. China wants to invade the USA and get Russia to first bomb the USA so they can then invade. Make sure you do your part to share this with your Governors, Senators, Congress, and other broadcasters.

#235 - China's Attack Plan - All Intelligence Agencies & Leaders Listen Up Listen to the broadcast:

WE MUST GET THIS OUT! I hope you help and share personally with all you know and make this knowledge known.

How many other things have I predicted years in advance?? Think about it..

Take 20 minutes to hear this, download this, and take 20 minutes to share with others.

**(If you can't hear the podcast on an apple device, download the episode, or watch on the two links below. Apple has been trying to censor my voice on their devices. Android works, Linux works, and Microsoft still works.)

But please download and share and wake up!

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