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#237 - 5g Towers Are Human Electric Fencing, Graphene Is The Shock Collar (This Episode is the Technocracy Kryptonite)
Jan 05, 2023

The Winners Broadcast

Join me for this new adventure in video broadcasting! I have been podcasting through audio for...



Today we are exposing so much of the Technocratic plan it is going to knock their socks off once this info gets out. This episode is a must listen if you listen to any of my podcasts. You will learn ways to get rid of graphene from your body, how to disconnect from the 5g matrix, how to support your health in these times, and how you can stop 5g towers in your area by simply demanding your MAYOR SAY NO!! The MAYORS ARE THE POINT OF AUTHORITY TO REMOVE THESE 5G towers.

Learn more about 5g by watching this video from Dr. Robert Young:

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Bless you all and Jesus is Lord and God's WILL will prevail. Now lets share out this info and crush these globalist plans. There whole plans depend on reducing Carbon Dioxide so that they can get more Graphene into humans so they can be controlled. You will see listen and get this knowledge. God says his people perish for lack of knowledge. I believe this episode can help save many nations if they will listen and groups of people come together, listen together, then take action and talk to their leaders!

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  • [email protected]@[email protected] y0urk3vich former exec & [email protected] [email protected] ([email protected] br1th) in T0ronto ON carried out human experiments of radioactive nanodust on its employees by spraying/beaming dust from office ceilings/walls. Now same NANO POISONING been applied on both Donald Trump & JB.

    Actually the 'virus' migrated from some deepstate lab in ukraine to day-to-day consumer devices (smartphones, wireless cameras, ceiling sprinklers, ...). In fact the virus is radioactive nanodust encapsulated into graphene nanotubes, which can be aerosol sprayed on surfaces of camera lenses, walls, ceilings, vehicle antirust coatings. And EMF from celltower basestations or hacked WiFi routers can resonate the graphene to release the trace amount lethal dust causing respiratory, gastrointestinal disorders even brain fogs & aneurysm ( depending on intensity and beam width).

    officer [email protected] of windsor ontario knows the polish couple (radioactive nanodust terrorist & nsa button pushers) in green van

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