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#238 - Electromagnetic Warfare More of a Threat than Nuclear War
Jan 12, 2023

The Winners Broadcast

Join me for this new adventure in video broadcasting! I have been podcasting through audio for...



In this broadcast I am going to explain what is the real threat to the United States, and it's not nuclear war. I will also talk solutions. The people for freedom need to actually stand up and not just sit by and hope everything works out, this is not how life and liberty works works, check history.

​​​God wants us to stand up against evil..

Today I am going to give you an assessment on the Global Situation from a Kingdom of God perspective, a perspective on how to bring peace, as well as an explanation from someone who has research extensively with an interesting understanding of technology and ELECTROMAGNETIC WARFARE.

​ **this is not to scare anyone, but America needs to wake up and realize what is really going on. This is a global call to peace not war. If we continue on this trend I think the USA has less than 1 month before a war breaks out on our homeland. I am sorry to say this but you can't keep poking a bear and expect to get a bear hug. Americans, we must come out of LALA land.. ​

​Listen to today's important emergency broadcast (in 230+ episodes I have never said an emergency podcast):

​​#238 - Electromagnetic Warfare More ​of a Threat than Nuclear War

Listen and download today's podcast and all the podcasts, definitely the past 3. ​​​​

Then please watch and also watch this video (this is worth downloading):

We are not here to get defeated by satanists, I am here on this planet to WIN in JESUS NAME. I am on this planet to CRUSH THE PLANS OF THE ENEMY and if you are in Christ so are you. Agenda 2030 is the plan of men, it is GOD'S plan that prevails so it's time we start painting the picture of our agenda 2050!

​ ​ Everyone who wants a future of freedom needs to do something! At least hear and share this broadcast, the podcast is on all podcast platforms. Our representatives in Congress definitely don't understand what I am sharing in this podcast, if they did they would def act out of self preservation, however they are not mentioning it. Share with you Congressman or Congresswoman.


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