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Are Demons Real? And PROOF Hell Is Real? Plus how to enter the Kingdom explained (powerful podcast)!!
Jul 21, 2022

The Off-Grid Plant Man

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Today I would like to take the time and PROVE that there are many false teachers out there today. Teaching things like the devil is just ego, that hell isn't real, that satan isn't real, and all are saved, things like that.

But today with just 1 scripture I want to prove to you that Hell is real, the type of people that go there, and the type of people that don't. hear the broadcast >>

Now understand me correctly, I am not preaching hell. I am correcting those who are out there saying it doesn't exist, causing much confusion in the unstudied believers. Please hear this and pass along to someone you may know caught in this confusion. Love you all and thanks for helping Kingdom Awake Movement have GLOBAL REACH!!!!

Keep on downloading the episodes, maybe even store them on disk, and make sure to download the Kingdom University (free but epic training that has set thousands free from doom and gloom theology @

Become a Kingdom Awake Partner by visiting my new book page, currently on audio @ if you don't have this audio please get it, if you don't have 10$ let me know and I will make sure you get it.

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