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Can Banks Be Hacked, Can Our Infrastructure Be Hacked? Can Anything On The Internet Be Secure? - The Internet Is In It's Final Days
Jan 19, 2023

The Winners Broadcast

Join me for this new adventure in video broadcasting! I have been podcasting through audio for...



Today you are going hear me explain (hopefully simply) why all the internet can be brought down. How banking, communications, electric grids, and anything else on the internet can be hijacked, corrupted, intercepted, or shut down.

I hope you take the time to get this knowledge. And my best advice is PUT NO TRUST IN THE INTERNET moving forward.

Also to note. Before hackers make an attack they do a series of smaller attacks to confirm their software is in place. Then they make a large scale attack.

My personal assessment is that the USA and possibly Canada is about to undergo a large scale cyber attack. I am not sure when, but I am fairly sure that hacking groups are working to get a large scale infrastructure attack in place in Canada and the United States. Definitely in regards to communication and banking, and this is probably not one organization but many.

We need to make peace not war and get a president in place that people can trust with a good track record. Someone like Ron Paul would work. But for real, buckle up and know all things work together for the good for those who love God. We need a person who loves God in control of the United States to make peace quick.

Don't trust in the internet, and back up what is important to you. And get off Microsoft, and Apple Operating Systems.

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